Kiseki Atlantis v2: nomimasu

As you can see, Kiseki Atlantis has had a revamp. I love this new look. It's dark yet sleek and professional. I hope you all enjoy the new layout.

There will updates along with this new design. I'll be taking a more active role around here. That means there will be more downloads, more BoA news, and possibly even ORICON rankings. I'll be sacrificing my Blog for this, so... Bleh. I won't miss it.

So have a look around. Get used to the new layout and try to navigate around the page. There will be some new features that you didn't see in the hayategumo version of Kiseki-Atlantis that I hope you will enjoy.


Also, if you find an expired file, please e-mail me or leave a comment specifying which files are expired.


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