Birthday Wish

On your Birthday,
Stretch for a sunbeam…
Reach for a star,
Go for a beautiful dream…

Pick out some wishes,
no matter how far,
or how hard to reach
they may seem…

Cherish some hopes
that are dear to your heart…

And as a new year comes in view,

Treasure & keep them,
and know from the start,
that this year,
you can make them come true

Happy Birthday to a Very Special Person

It is your birthday
nd on this day
I want you to know that
you are a very
special person
who has touched and warmed
many lives
including mine
I also want you to know
how much I appreciate you

Have a very happy birthday!

Thoughts of Love on Your Birthday

Birthdays are occasion
for compliments and praise
And saying many of the things
we don't say other days -
For thoughts of love and gratitude
are fragile, cherished things,
As gossamer as fleecy clouds
or hummingbirds' small wings,
And often through the passing days
we feel deep down inside
Unspoken thoughts of thankfulness
and fond, admiring pride -
But words can say so little
when the heart is overflowing
And often those we love the most
must have no way of knowing
the many things the heart conceals
and never can impart,
For words seem so inadequate
to express what's in the heart -
But since it is your birthday
I thought it would be nice
If I let this first edition verse
by Helen Steiner Rice
In some small way express the things
that I would like to say
Not only on your birthday
but on every other day.

Your Birthday Is a Day of Promise

This is a day of promise -
Of hopefulness, laughter, and cheer,
For this is a day of remembering
The good things that happened all year -
A day for reflecting on memories
Shared with friends and with family, too,
Who were so much a part
of the joys in your heart
And the love that you felt
all year through…
This is a day of promise
Of the beauty and warmth life can hold,
And of new dreams to dream
and more love to share
Through a year that's about to unfold.

What Is a Birthday?

It's knowing you're
“somebody special” today
And waiting to see
what the hours bring your way,
Forgetting the things
that you don't like to do
And doing the things
that seem pleasant to you…
It's enjoying those
marvellous little surprises
That come from all over,
in all shapes and sizes -
a phone call or letter
that brings you delight,
warm wishes and greetings
from morning till night -
It's making a wish
as you blow candles out
And having so much
to be happy about
That you can't help but dream,
as the hours slip away,
Of many more happy
returns of the day.

On Your Birthday

May your spirit keep the freedom
of a butterfly in spring
and your heart be filled always
with the joys of simple things.
May your essence claim the freshness
of the new laid morning dew.
All of this...and more...
is my Birthday wish for you.

Happy Birthday

Though special times
like birthdays
seem the nicest ones by far
to tell you very lovingly
how wonderful you are …
You surely know
you're loved a lot
each day the whole year through …
And are always wished
the special things
that mean the most to you.

Happy Birthday

Celebrate The Miracle

Of all that makes you YOU.
Count a blessing for each candle
Have your cake and eat it too!

Unwrap this day and savor it
And all the love that's there
Send a dream-wish straight to
Heaven on the wings of prayer

Remember what a blessing you are
Even after this day is gone.
You're a gem, a priceless treasure
Let yourself shine on!

Birthday Thoughts of You

Your Birthday isn't just a day
That comes and hurries by-
It's a time to think of things
We've shared-
Together--you and I.
It's a chance to say
You're in my thoughts
Very often all year through,
It's a time for me to say
How much I fondly think of you.

Happy Birthday!

Candles Are a Gift of Light

Candles are a gift of light,
A tiny sun, a bit of star.
No other dancer in the night
Dances with such sheer delight,
Little souls serene and bright,
Each a glimpse of what we are
Shining innocent and pure.

Crystal Loves the Waves

Crystal loves the waves
And takes them for a ride.
But just right now her mummy
Is on the other side.
As far as she can see
There are waves, and more, and more.
But just right now her mummy
Is on the other shore.

It's a great big ocean
With lots of sharks and whales,
Octopus and sailboats
And big boats without sails,

Polar bears and penguins,
And lots and lots of fish.
But just right now her mummy
Would like to make one wish.

Crystal's mummy wishes
The ocean were a puddle.
Then she could jump across
And the two of them could cuddle!

Wouldn't it be nice
If the ocean were a lake?
Then Crystal's mummy
Could have some birthday cake.

Crystal's mummy loves her,
But she is far away.
So just right now she sends her love
On Crystal's special day.

For My Aunt, the Happiest of Birthdays

For my aunt, the happiest of birthdays!
On this day your quiet soul should sing!
Rejoice in all the pleasure that this one day
Must to the kids who love you surely bring!
You, who give so much, should now be taking
All the affection we poor souls can show.
Understand this little fuss we're making
Nowhere near comes close to where we go,
Touched by love too beautiful to know.


For You This Birthday Ought to Be a Sun

For you this birthday ought to be a sun
Overriding all the other stars.
Rarely have I seen resolve like yours,
Touching with your gentle laugh the scars
Yielded in the battles you have won.

Happy Birthday, Darling

Happy birthday, darling!
Even though you're not with me.
Right now you're with someone else
I know I am the wild cat
Who'll get you in the end,
Not only your hot lover, but
Your best and truest friend.
So have a happy birthday
And remember my sweet kiss.
It's waiting for you when you turn
To me, your fated bliss.

Happy Birthday Late, and Also Ever

Happy birthday late, and also ever!
All your days be blessed with love and peace!
Please forgive my lateness, and endeavor
Patiently to grant me my release.
Years come and go; our friendship will increase.

Birthdays are like maps or clocks or signs:
In them we see an order more profound.
Reality lies deeper than our lines:
Time ticks as quarks and galaxies go round.
However arbitrary they may be,
Dates mark measures in the march of fate;
And since I'd like to see your destiny,
You can be sure next year I won't be late!

For Your Fiftieth Birthday Let Us Sing

For your fiftieth birthday let us sing!
In celebration let your loved ones dance!
Fair seedtime had our souls within your heart,
Taking joy from innocent romance.
You gave to us a gentle, loving spring.

Birthday Wishes for My Best Friend

There are so many treasures
In a lifetime to be sought.
A chest of lasting friendship
Is the rarest of the lot.

Diamonds, how they glitter,
And gold coins can buy a gown,
But they can’t make me giggle,
Turn my smile inside a frown.

If a prince becomes a frog,
Leaving nothing but a wart,
You sooth with words of wisdom,
Girlfriend, all guys do is fart.”

Angry at those who hurt me,
And gentle with those who care.
Sparkling with inner beauty,
You’re a jewel beyond compare.

I count myself most lucky,
You have filled my treasure chest.
Happy Birthday seems too simple
For I truly have been blessed.

Happy Birthday

Butter cannot fly without wings,
nor this mother grow without her son.
Your love is shown in many ways
and I am grateful for each one.

Whether lifting my confidence
or an archway over a gate,
your support makes all days better
while through my life I navigate.

Your birthday is a chance to say
I am so proud of who you are.
No matter what your age may be
You are my treasured, tiny star.
I love you,

Happy Birthday To My Love

I’m gazing at your smiling face
In pictures on this birthday site
And marvel at the twists of fate
That brought your love into my life.

Do you remember that morning
When we met a few months ago?
What were the odds of finding love
While we waited for espresso?

I looked into your gentle eyes
And in just one heartbeat I knew
You were the one I’d been seeking
Who sparkles like bright morning dew.

These photos are to remind you
Of great times we share as a pair
And to say I Love You Baby,
Happy Birthday my Lady fair.

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