I didn't know I loved you
Until you went away.
I didn't much think of you
Up to that final day.
The music that was you
I only noticed when it stopped.
I didn't take the time to
Tell you that I cared a lot.
My love of life went with you
Too late for me to say
I didn't know how much I loved you
Until the day you went away.


My loss of you will be a minor thing,
unnoticing, the seasons yet will flow
continue waltzing proud with beauty
through the myriad months they know.
And still will seeds long since been sown,
give birth to buds of billowing spring
for your death remains unknown
to the waking sun and the April rain.
Your quiet passing will go unobserved
by the boisterous birds and bees of May,
and so will wide-eyed infant squirrels
clamber around through our backyard tree.
June will not cease, nor will July,
blithely unaware you don't exist.
Ambered autumn bows to winter's bride
as if nothing significant is amiss.
Oh, there will perish with your passing
little of beauty that is not your own,
only the grace of common flowers,
only the lilt of morning's song.



What do I do, now I've reached the edge?
The cliff is steep to the plain below.
Miles upon miles of emptry air
And no hand will I hold, but your hand
and you are not there!

What do I do when smothering black
Of night engulfs me ... coldly dark
So dark I tingle with sudden fear
No arms do I need but your arms
And you are not there!

What do I do with a life that tells
the end of the world in a darkened mist
But still must keep senselessly on
No love keeps my heart, but your love
And you ... you are gone!


I'm standing in front of the silent grave,
looking at your name, carved in the stone.
A cold wind is swinging branches of pines
in the dark graveyard without any light.
Obscure clouds are overcastting the skies,
restraining their sadness over this sight.

Beside me, there's a candle on the grave.
Its flame is floating over the gray stone,
making mystic shapes, filling me with fears,
flying as far as it can, hurrying on its way,
leaving me lost and afraid, alone in tears
like every shiny light you've taken away.

The snowflakes are falling over the grave.
Your name is disappearing from the stone.
The fragile flame doesn't shine anymore.
The last light of my life has abandoned me,
following you up to the Heaven's shore
to swim with you in the Paradise sea.


Oh, the white of cotton sheets, the perfect edge, the perfect pleats
The dreary walls, the lonely halls, the soft excruciating calls

I always gladly stood by you through every test they put you through
The chemicals, the painful nights, the nightmare dreams and stinging bites

But when I saw you lying there so thin and weak, no voice, no hair
Your chest, your head, your thinning back were left in radiation black

My eyes were not prepared to view this dying man, this other you
Who lived with me beneath blue sky, and now a man too weak to cry

And oh, the white of cotton sheets, the tubes and needles, rhythmic beats
Metallic bed, metallic sound, a skimpy robe they tied around

My heart was not prepared to see you tugging chains to set you free
And oh, how much your eyes beseech a nurse's button out of reach

Never had I seen on earth discomfort's torture on a berth
With sheets of alabaster white, with ends and corners tucked in tight
Your rose was but a thorny bush, a button there too weak to push

And all your pain I took as mine, til morphine's regulation time
A bowl of soup you could not eat, disturbing words you could not speak

A skeleton between the threads of sheets of white on metal beds
And every player played his part, but no one had prepared my heart


I died a death but stayed alive
In phantom's likeness I survive
Alive, yet dead, I walk alone
In rooms with walls as cold as stone

I lived a life and dreamed a dream
And loved the life you lived with me
Then in the whisper of a breath
You left, and then I died a death

Though dead I live, I cannot part
From love that lives within my heart
Within my sorrow I must strive
To keep my hope and faith alive

For all the love that I would give
I surely would prefer to live
To be content, not to survive
But feel my spirit come alive

You slowly took your final breath
'Twas me, my dear, who died a death


Among the brambles of a shattered heart
Among the shambles of life torn apart
When love or friendship turns to hate
When words are spoken to berate
To pick up the pieces seems a chore
But must be done to grieve no more.

Among the puzzles of the reasons why
Among the thistles that cause pain to cry
When moving on is the only goal
To open the door to another soul
Walking in limbo for a while
But lighting candles with a smile.

Among the confusion of forest and trees
Among the conclusion of answers that please
When peace is restored from lackluster
When courage and spirit are easy to muster
To encounter the new and inclusive
To get rid of the old and abusive.

Slowly the hurt will be completely erased
With a better relationship the ego replaced.


A teardrop fell upon the rose
That she held close to her breast.
In sympathy, the petals closed,
As she saw her love at rest.

The rose it seemed to feel her pain
As one by one her petals fell
And upon the stem of thorns,
Now fell the pouring rain.

Bending down, she picked the petals
And to herself, she drew them near;
She saw, in the rose, her broken heart
And on the petal, her fallen tear.

Between the pages of a book,
She placed the petals tenderly
And the rose, it shed a tear,
As if it cried in sympathy.

The words, on the pages read,
Forever, my love, remember me
And when you see a rose of red,
Remember, love, to remember me.


Backwards let my life rewind
Until my life is here no more.
No memory left that I had lived
Or ever entered this life's door.

Erase the words in poetry written
And the ones in life were spoken;
Release me now and I'll return
To nothingness and be forgotten.

A tiny seed that Christ pre-knew
And sent me here to be a tree
But I am barren and bare no fruit;
This broken branch I know as me.

Off the ground, please raise my limb
And gently secure it to the vine;
Remove the clouds that shadow me
And let the sun on me to shine.

The cry of Job, is what I pray?
That I return back to the womb?
To be remembered never more
Or visited within my tomb?

Nay, this cannot be, the words I say,
Or the things of which I pray.
For life is precious and so am I
As well as words I so deny.

Within my writes, reveals my soul,
that let's you see the barren tree.
A tiny blossom, I see appear:
Just a bud, I see in me
And this write upon a scroll.


What can fill that empty space
That seems a hollow pit.
When something there is missing
And nothing seems to fit.

How do you fill the emptiness
And satisfy the inner hunger;
When all in life has left you starved
But no where's found the answer.

Outside yourself, you start to look
But still there stands the void.
The little things you used to love,
No longer seen enjoyed.

Don't talk to me of Jesus,
For I'm his and he is mine,
but even though I know him;
I'm still not feeling fine.

Tomorrow, I'll go searching,
And tell you what I find
But if my search should prove in vain;
It will have satisfied my mind.


Paint me a pretty rainbow and color it with reds;
Bring to me a dream to spin with golden gilded threads
And sing to me a song that lifts and puts on me a smile
And when you're walking through my mind, stay in there awhile.

Place upon my lips a soft blown kiss and if you'll be so kind;
Leave behind a memory to impress upon my mind.
Slowly back away from me when walking out the door
And tell to me once more, what you're leaving for.

Plant a rose of deepest pink to grow outside my window
And after removing the thorns; a cutting upon my pillow.
Make the moon again to shine and the stars to twinkle;
Whisper to me a word of love that brings my eyes to sparkle.

Come with me and dance once more; a slow romantic waltz,
And paint again a rainbow bright before reality assaults.


Why didn't they care for me.......?????
My inside they never did see,
My heart cries......my body is sore,
Paralyzing me to the innermost core,
The anger inside me can take no more.
The frustration, the misery and pain,
Driving me crazy...turning me insane,
Escaping away, do I have what it needs??
And finally I accept the things the way the are,
trying to live, trying to bear.....!!!


Few there are to walk beside you
Through the valley of tears and sorrow.
More the times, you walk alone,
Than the times that they befriend.

Lonely is the journey there
And dark the jagged painful path.
Your tears they flow upon the stones
That rip away the bloodied flesh.

The light ahead, it slowly dims
As deeper down the path sojourns.
To hold a hand along the way
Might keep the feet upright that stumble.

Alone you see this path that ends;
Beyond the valley, a light, it glows
With angel guiding as you walk;
Last mile of life not walked alone.

I want no more of you!

Leave me be!
Why are you doing this?
Must you torture me?
Do you like teasing me?
You play with my hair and
move close enough so I think you might
kiss me...
hold me..
touch me...
Leave me be and
get out of my head!

Cannot go forward, cannot go back,

Wishing that I could drop dead in my tracks.
I know I am leaving something behind,
And it is tearing my spirit inside.
Choices have always made me aware
Of contradictions in me - so unfair!
It seems that it all has to come down to me.
I wonder if someone my struggles can see?

Self-hatred, self-torment - familiar sight!
Alone, be alone, and from it all hide -
That's my first impulse that won't get me far.
Is that way for many, or is it my star?

Maybe I should have simply there stayed,
And prevented the so unknown fate
That chills me and makes me so scared.
Who knows how I would have otherwise faired?

But my life has passed in change after change,
Now in security I feel too strange,
And my restless heart does make me go on.
Moving and shifting is ever my song!

I'm movable when the band plays

Able to touch and be felt
I can weep when the movie ends
And stand proud
But alone in the shower
Solaced only in the park
Alone, at the market
Is when I fall.

This needle is dry
in my day to day
Forced to face many faces
Backgrounds; against my bed

I'd like to be more myself
To wager my needs in the real world
but I am wounded
Having done so before.

Just me
hollow and stained
When someone chose to honor me.


One by one, I'd read the verse
And place it again inside the rack.
There must be one that I could buy
For a dad whose love was out of whack.

I'd stand and read each pretty card
But none it seemed pertained to me.
For the father that was pictured there
Was one that I would never see.

I longed for a dad like other's had
With memories like inside the card
But to buy a card that said those things
Would be a farce and much too hard.

One by one, I'd shuffle through
Until I'd find the perfect one.
It simply said that I love you;
Words you can't hear inside your coffin.

One of these days

you'll look back to see...
that I was always there
but you were never there for me.
One of these days
your heart will start to ache...
then you'll realize
there was a risk you needed to take.

One of these days
you'll look around for me...
I will be gone
but I am yours eternally.

One of these days
the thought will be too much to bear...
just say you love me
and I'll be there.


You see yourself in the pouring rain,
No one to pull you out of the storm
I'd go but you'll only keep me there
So I can feel your strain.

I did nothing to earn your cold shoulder
But I receive it none-the-less
Lead me on for it's only darkness
That I can see.

The unstable legs I walk with,

are giving in again,
and the doubts that have surrounded me,
are finding their way in.
I needed to be helped,
not giving help to you,
rains of trouble,
I once was like you.


In a lonely graveyard plot,
Where the lost and lonely go;
I saw the weeping of a stone
Upon the ground, I saw them flow.

The words embedded deep in slate;
The cause of death, a broken heart.
I saw no flowers, his stone adorn,
But there embedded, I saw the thorn.

Buried deep, it seemed to pierce,
For flowing down were bitter tears.
Within my heart, emotions fierce,
As they broke my own veneers.

Pouring down was my own pain
Upon the stone of past gone years
Where the pain, I saw remain.


by Erin

Today I saw
You sit next to her
And I stood, wide eyed
My heart U-turned

And today I remembered
All the heaven we shared
And thought of all the times
We did what was dared.

And today I wondered
What has she got
That I don't have
And how you can love me not.

And today I heard
You tell her 'I love you'
The same words u told me
The ones I thought true.

And today I cried
At the sight of you
And thought on and one
O, what did I do?

Today I got your number
And I wondered whether to call
But if I heard your voice
Would I be strong enough not to fall?

And today I saw
Today I realized
Maybe all this
Is a part of my life.

Today the clouds broke
No more future lies
No more dark shadows
Covering my eyes.

And today I fell
So deeply in love
With some other angel
Sent from above.

And today I decided
to let you go
but hold to our past
and remember you so

Today I knew
I would be okay
So I took a deep breath
Here's what I have to say...

Today I saw
You sit next to her
And I said 'Who cares?'
And made a U-turn

DO yOu EvEn CaRE
by To CuTe

Do YoU eVeN cArE
aBoUt HoW i FeEl
Do YoU eVeN cArE
aBoUt ThE tImEs We WoUlD uSe To ShAre
Do YoU eVeN cArE tHaT tHiS iS tHe REaL dEaL
LoViNg YoU iS hOw I aLwAyS wIlL fEeL

dO yOu EvEN cArE
tHaT eAcH aNd EvErYdAy I wOuLd CrY
kNoWiNg ThAt I CaNt HaVe YoU
i JuSt WaNt To DiE

dO YoU eVeN cArE
tHaT yOu ToOk My HeArT
tHeN jUsT dEcIdEd To ToRe It ApArT

dO yOu EvEn CaRe
ThAt Im JeLoUs Of HeR aNd YoU
tHiNkIng If YoU lOvE hEr AnD nOt Me
NoW i ThInK wItHoUt YoU wHaT aM i SuPoSe To Do

dO YoU eVeN cArE
aBoUt ThE pAiN u BroUgHt To Me
iM jUsT tRyINg tO TeLL YoU tHaT
mE aNd YoU wErE DeStAnD tO bE

AlL i wAnT tO kNoW iS
dO YoU eVeN cArE
tHaT iM TRyINg To TeLl YoU hOw I fEel

With Out You
by Ruby Red

How can you heal a broken heart, To take the pain away, Knowing that the hurt is still their day after day.

You said that your love was true but after only one argument you say that were through.

Now all I want to do is sit and be alone, I wonder around in an endless roam.

I want the mistakes of building my whole life around you, And now your gone and I don't know what to do.

Now I have to find a way to get on with my life with out you.

Im sorry for....
by To CuTe

Im sorry i ever loved you
im sorry i ever cared
im sorry that i will never forget
the times we have shared
leaving you is something i wouldent dare
not seeing you is something i just couldent bare
im sorry that i gave you my heart
ill always remember the day when you tore it apart
im sorry that i still love you
but its something your just gonna have to face
think of your picture in my head
and seeing full of grace
im sorry for the things i say and do
i gotta remember now there will never again
be a me and you

My Friend
by Ruby Red

As I walk this lonely pier, I think back to
when you were still here.

You said that you were true, And that you would always stay, Then with a breeze from the wind you went away.

Now I'm sitting here all alone writing this letter and wishing that you would come back home.

I close my eyes to fight back the tears, trying not to remember all the good years.

I cling to your picture for dear life, I miss you my sweet husband.

I forgive you my sweetheart for every thing, let's just start over again.

Because my love for will never end, You'll
Always be my bestfriend.

Frozen Heart

by Didier F.B. Casse

Curse the day
My eyes behold on you,
You divine Medusa.

Night after night I’ve been crying in despair,
And hope with every beat of my heart that you would love me.
Never a smile or a wink had I ever received from you,
Your heart’s frozen.

I desired to be loved like everybody else.
I craved for some attention,
Hungered for a caress,
And yearned for a butterfly kiss.

But I was just some guy with no personality,
A proletariat.
With nothing that could be worth eyed.

It’s raining outside and it’s dark.
Perfect time for a suicide.
I just hope that at last,
My blood would melt your heart.

Goodbye forever my beloved.
For suffering of the dark heavens is less harsh
Than the pain I endured for being fond of you.

Set My Heart Free
by ~<3~Jackie~<3~

It hasn't been too long
since we went our own ways
but i still think of you
almost everyday

You see when we were together,
I gave u something of mine
something special,
something divine

This something special
is indeed my heart
and you still have it
even though we're apart

But now it's time
that you give it back
for it needs true love
and thats what you lack

So i'm asking you now
to please return it to me
stop holding it prisoner
and set my heart free

(: *You Lied* :(
by Amber Spurlock

:'-( u said u loved me a total lie*no reason to live so I might as well die* so shoot me now* or tomorrow will do*u never loved me but I truely loved u* so come on man just kiss my ass*there's no way that now I can forget the passed*ur such a player like all guys are*man* I never shoud've taken it this far*

Farther From Sight
by ThirtyDays

You ended our being in a casual way
You said you were sorry we went astray

It seemed so odd, since you proclaimed your love
When you pushed me off, you killed my dove

I was always open, like a good book
You read and read, always stopping to look

I followed your footsteps to understand why
No closer, no farther, ignoring my cries

You had no remorse, no sense of sympathy
Oh how I tried, to see you show empathy

All of my cards, all of my letters
I'm convinced now, that I deserved better

Now I've turned and I'm walking away
Farther from sight, nothing left to say

Good Bye

by Ruby Red

Everytime you fill like it you go astray,

Maybe it would be better all together if you would stay away.

Those nights of wondering will he be home tonight,

Knowing deep down in my heart that your not treating me right.

Those cold lonely bitter nights that seem to never end,

I know we should just start over as only friends.

No strings attached you do as you please,

Now I no that this is the way it must be.

I can't go on playing this game that you play,

You act as if you don't give a darn any way.

I said it once and i'll say it again the best thing for us is just to be friends.

The saddest part that's hardest to bare is that I really belived that you cared .

I guess we all make mistakes and can all be wrong,

I'm just glad I found out your true feelings before our relationship lasted to long.

I tried to make it work and matter how hard I tried you make so clear that it's simply time to say GOOD BYE.


by Tara Reese

I worry so much about you,
I just dont know what to do.
Even though you're not mine,
I still hope you are going to be fine.
I know we're not together,
But I will care for you forever.
you mean the world to me,
Maybe someday we can be.
Be together once more,
So into you, my soul I can pour.
I cant believe whats going on with us,
You were the one I gave my heart to,
You really was.
You had me thinking,
What did I do to get you so mad,
And for you to get me so sad.
I am sorry for whatever I must have did.
But just know if we cant be more,
I'm willing to be only friends.
Remember you're still my boo,
And always I will love you

Crying Angel
by Haysebell

One kiss, one lie
One tear, then die
First love she met
They slept in bed
He held her tight
Than said," Good night."
The morning came
Things weren't the same
He walked away
A little strange
She sort of saw
Anger and rage
The sun sets now
She's sitting down
Expecting a knock
She's watching the clock
All of the sudden
Down comes a tear
Its 3 o'clock
And he's not here
Her hairs now white
And bad is her sight
Still don't forget
That one cold night
All of the sudden her pressure is high
Everyone runs to save her life
But still she dies
This is a fact
Nope, it is no lie
Up in the heaven
An angel cries

Once Upon A Dream So Clear
by Lauren Wells

Once upon a dream so clear
you said you love me too
you said youd never let go
that we'd always be
Once upon a dream so clear
your arms were my sanctuary
you held my heart in your hand forever
until not to long ago.
Once upon a dream so clear
everything was perfect
but now i see that you
were just a dream

Player§ on Both Side§
by °Kemi§ha°Thomp§on°

Big brown eyes
Saying there tired of the lies.

They can see I don’t want to cry—
Holding on only because it’s hard to say goodbye
Feeling as if, without it I’ll die.

And you cant live without my two thick thighs!
Whenever you see them, you get butterflies.

Every time you see my body
It makes you hypnotized- - high.
I love you so much, and I don’t know why
But I can’t seem to tell your truth from your lie.

Why now are you hating me?
Is there something I don’t see?
Is there some one you want me to be?
I was happy being your queen bee.

Are you leaving me because you want more?
Just because I’m not ghetto- - not hard core.

So now my life with you is over-
Ever since I left in YOUR Dodge Rover!

by Sarah

I try to breath
Memories over taking me
I try to face them
But the thought is too much to conceive
I only know that I can change
Everything else just stays the same
So now I step out of the darkness
That my life became
I just needed someone to talk to
You were just too busy with yourself
You were never ever there for me
To express how I felt
I just stuffed it down
Now I'm older
And I feel like I could let some of this anger fade
But it seems the surface I am scratching
Is the bed I have made
So where were you
When all this I was going through
You never took the time to ask me just what you could do
Yours words to me are just a whisper
Your face is so unclear
I try to pay attention
Yours words just disappear
So I speak to you in riddles
Because my words just get in my way
I smoke the whole thing to my head
And feel it wash away
Cuz I can't take anymore of this
I want to come apart
Or dig myself a little hole
Inside your precious heart
Cuz it's always raining in my head
Forget all the things I should have said
I'm nothing but a little girl inside
That cries out for attention
Though I always try to hid
And talk to you like children
But I don't know how I feel
But I know I'll do the right thing
If the right thing is revealed

Our Times
by Robyn

I have trouble thinking about our times we had together.
I think about the way u used to say I Love You before i went to sleep at night.
We had our times, times to remember
The way we would argue over stupid stuff like whether the stir the noodles, or take out the trash first, when i told u to prioritize and u told me not to use big words.
The way we used to play in the shower, and u got me all wet, then gave me your shirt.
you were so sweet to me
I remember wehen u would call me to say u missed me when i just walked in the door coming home from seeing u.
I still remember the way u would kiss me when i didnt want to be kissed, the way your lips felt aganist mine, and the way u would always try to push me away when i would lick your ear.
My Memories of those days will never go away, no matter how hard i try i think about u almost everyday,
And those memories will stick with me for the rest of my life..

by Robyn

Why would u want to do what u do?
Why would u want to hurt someone u love?
Why wouls u tell someone u love them
When u dont?
Why would u want to do stupid shit?
Then turn around and think everythings ok
Why would u want to say things u dont mean?
Why would u do any of this?
Is it that u like to lie and play stupid Games? Or u just dont know what hurts people
Why dont u think before u say or do things?
I just wanted to know Why

Do U Remember?
by Robyn

I Remember, i just wanted to know if u still remember, Do u?
Do u remember the way u used to touch me?
The way u would hold me? Do u remember?
Becuz I do, i remember the way u used to look into my eyes and tell me u loved me.
I remember when i first saw u, the first time u saw me, Do u Remember? Becuz I do. When u walked into class, i didnt think anything about u but then u would stare at me everyday, u made me feel funny, but i liked it, then u asked me out at lunch one day, Do u remember? Becuz i do and I always will....Remember the times we had together, the good times and the bad. The way u made me feel, i felt so complete with u, and now your gone, gone away from me and i miss u so much i cant stand it.
But i cant help but to remember, and i was just wondering if u remember, becuz i do, and i always will....Remember

What i love, what i lost
by Lonely one

I thought what we had was going to last
But maybe my dreams went all to far
I thought you loved me all the way
But your love for me was nothing but a game
You know i was always true to you
I thought you would never make me blue
But it was time for me to face the truth
And now im here searching for you
My love for you is forever
It just keeps getting better
I cant exccept the fact
That now you are gone
But now is time to lay upon

Dont Let Em Die
by Pauliana Landreth

A year ago they took down the two towers, I was watchin it on TV for hours, But today Mista President is talking bout goin to war, but let me ask ya right now, can ya tell me? What for? Didn’t enough people die in the first couple rounds, can I say something right quick, there getting us out of bounds, There ova there right now, Fightin fo there country, were losin daddys, brothas, cousins and othas. Their dyin right now as WE SPEAK! More and more deaths will be doubled next week, mommas are cryin fo there son, he had barley lived, she says, he was only 21, hes still ova there, still alive and breathin, the kids are getting out of school, the busses are leavin, Lettas goin through the mail, you can breathe and yet you cant exhale, you were in tears when that man came up to your door start to read this letta, you already know what it says, you cant except it, he was your son, your baby, you loved him dear, she falls to the floor, she cant see clear, This can happen, weather you want it or not, it couldn’t happen to him, that’s what she thought. Don’t let yo baby boy die, not like that, no in a war, it

Stupid trick
by Pauliana Landreth

You stupid @$$ trick
I really loved you
Just what exactly was love supposed to mean to you
Just how far was I supposed to go before you did it again with another one
Wait I got another one
Just how stupid was I?
Or was it just that love was blind
You should got down on your knees
No not like that
And thank me for all the times
All the times I took you back
You’re not worth any of these tears I cry for you
You’re not worth living my whole life loving
And one day I might die for you
But I’m telling you there will be better days
Days with someone else
Go on and move on to some trick that loves herself
Not no crazy beyoch that cuts herself
So don’t call me
Don’t talk about me
And when you hear my name turn away
This has nothing to do wit you
I’m through with you

by !sUgAr!

DID i EvEr TeLl You HoW yOu LiVe In Me
EvErY wAkInG mOmEnT aNd EvEn In My DrEaMs
AnD iF YoU tHiNK aLl ThIs TaLk SoUnDs CrAzY
aNd YoU dOnT kNoW wHaT i MeAn,THeN iT dOeSeNt ReAlLy MaTtEr,BeCaUsE i BeLiEvE

I wIll TrY AnD LoVe AgAiN,tHoUgH mY hEArT Is ShAtTeRed AnD kEepS On BrEAkInG,i WiLl TrY aS HaRd As I cAn To lOvE aGaIn I wIlL,
eVEN tHoUgh It MiGht TaKe Me A lIfEtImE fOr Me tO gEt OvEr YoU,bUt ThIs TiMe IlL bE sTrOnGeR tHen bEfOrE

i KnOw IvE nEvEr ToLd YoU hOw I tRuElY fEeL,bUt I wOuLd DiE fOr YoU IF i HaD tO,
If Im tRUE tO mYsElF aNd NoBOdy ElSe CaN tAkE tHe PlaCe oF yOu,iVe GoT tO mOvE oN,iVe GoT tO tElL mYsElF wHaT eLsE cAn I dO,

yOu TaKe My BrEaTh AwAy,I tRy To TaLk To YoU bUt DoNt KnOw WhAt To SaY,bUt I kNoW yOu PrObEbLy WoNt LoVe Me,BuT iLl AlWaYs WaIt FoR yOu EaCh AnD eVeRyDaY

And You Thought

by Mandi Bass

I thought I loved you, I knew from the start, but then you went and broke my heart.

You would lie to, cheat on, and reject me and you know what..... I'm not the girl to play her part, and now she's your future wife!!!!! And you thought... you could play me, when I knew when you started going out with her...... SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND'S SIS!!

Consequences of love
by Richelle y.

Masses of rain falling down my face my tears merges,merges with the rain. Confusion behelds my face expression of anger sadness emptiness-im in a state. Memories of the past surrounds me of happiness i thought it was endless until this very day of sadness. My minds pleading to my heart to forget this but my heart has fallen, fallen deep into this circumstances. Wistful to think that i can't have you back i tried to be naive, to struggle, to go back.I tried to defeat, to defeat this force that has tacken me aback. But i felt defenceless so susceptable so weak. The pain is unbearable interminable as it seems. I concede that i have lost through this battle of heartache but i still believe that something or maybe someone might heal it....

Its not a poem i needed to let it out
by Anon.

Its been forever it seems since you went away
ive forgotten about you a little but those things happen i guess,
i really missed you the other day when i remembered that day at the beach ,
where we had our first kiss and then we were all gud after that
but now your away i dont know where but all i know is your not here with me ,
i really thought i was over you but i guess my heart just brought me back to you,
when i was with you i took it for granteed i know but if theres anything i want right now its you again to back with me,
for a while i thought id never love you again and ill never want you back but in the end it looks like id maybe die fo you omg i wish so much that i could tell you how i feel but i cant i dont know where to start its been so long
i pray to god everynight now to have you back,
for angel is what i ask for, my baby back
i let you go and im waiting for you to come back
because only the other day i releise that i still im loving you more than ever
i dont know wheather i miss you or im just needing love but for now im awaiting on an angel back again

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