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This website is based solely on the opinions and experience of our staff. We dedicate at least 3 hours of play to every server. We play the game as if we are any other player. We try and see everything that server has to offer us.

We realize there will always be bugs, updates, and server resets. These things are never held against any said server. We do not understand the mechanics of how a WOW Private Server is built. we do appreciate the time and effort that is put into them. Although, as players and potential donators we expect what their advertisements portray are true and fulfilled.

This website is made for people that are looking for the right server for them. This is for people that are sick and tired of switching between the top 20 servers to find the right one. Finding a server that fits their needs. Everyone is different, please keep this in mind. Some people prefer to be instantly level 70, with custom Tier sets and basically spoon fed. Some people never bought WOW on retail and wish to experience the game for what it is today. Some people like to earn their way to 70 with a bit of an XP boost. It's whatever YOU like.

Our goal here is to help you find that server. What we experienced. Our staff has played "retail WOW" for over 3 years now and we wanted to see what it was like to venture further into the game without all the uptight GMs in our guilds and extreme raid rules and have some fun. Although, we have found ourselves in more of a hassle finding the right server, actual friendly GMs, what have you.

That is where this website has come in. To help YOU find the one you need witout the hassle. Think of this website, for example, when you are out trying to download that illegal copy of "Whatever popular Movie Today" and every time you download it via bit torrent, limewire, or whatever and its either a bad copy, corrupt, or not the correct movie you were looking for to begin with.Well, this website gives you the low down dirty truth about each and every server posted here in order to help you weed out the junk.

Posted on December 12, 2007 by Inkchallenged

Featured Site Update!

Which one will it be??

The "Featured Site" update is a great addition to our content! Here at Wow Review, we want to reward those GMs and Admins with a little something. So, What we are doing is asking our readers to vote for their favorite Private Server! At the end of the week, the server with the most votes will receive 1 weeks worth of votes through Xtremetop100! All of our staff will issue 1 vote, per reset, per day to help that server obtain more of a population! So what are you waiting for! Vote for your favorite Private Server and see them on our featureds list.