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Here is our review of The Felguard Network.You can find them at Felguard Network

Felguard Networkd has 1 server available. This server is a High-Rate/Fun-Server/Free.
When first starting to play on this server I would have to say overall things ran pretty smoothly. The shops, the instances, to just plain running around and experiencing what this server has to offer.

When first entering, in order to hit 70 you need to kill 1 creep. Upon entering the Mall you can find anything you want from the vendors, free. You are able to purchase anything from Tier 6, to various legendary weapons, rare mounts and other misc items.

Within minutes my NELF warrior was in full Tier 6, the Legendary War Glaives, Al'ar the Phoenix mount, and the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal also known as the "Bug Mount"

One of my few concerns to this, not that giving us all of these wonderful items is a negative,but many of us would never obtain these on live anyhow. But, please give us something to do besides dueling and looking for the opposite faction to kill in world PVP. Some of the other servers I have tried. they try and give you a decent amount of items and gear to choose from, but they have a cut off limit up to a certain amount so you must earn the higher end epics and legendarys.

Facts about this server for our readers:

  • Even amount of Horde VS Alliance in world PVP.
  • Non-existent lag during PVP and instancing.
  • High amount of PVP and Dueling

If you love the player versus player aspect of this game then you will definately love this server. There is always someone that wants to duel. I am sure if you look around long enough there is always someone looking for some yellow damage fun!

As for this reporter, I really do not care for either. A few times it did happened in order for me to try out my new toys, it was actually an adrenaline rush. Allowing a rogue to get their first few shots of the Oh So infamous stun-locks, getting a few swipes of his blade in and then in return whipping his ass with over 2/3's health left makes a pixelated toon dance on their corpse. Now, for those of that you play retail and attempt private servers to see what its like to use and abuse Tier 6 and add a few entrys to your wish list for when you get it on live. This is the best way to do it.
While playing around, I put in a ticket to do our interview we do with all of the GM's. I was greatly suprised! The GM response time was roughly 8 minutes. One thing I enjoy is how fast Private Server GM's respond to tickets where as retail can take anywhere up to 2-5 hours. On the several incidents that tickets have been put in, they have been serviced fast. I have actually never seen one appear out of thin air, summon someone before me and instantly level and gear them in the blink of an eye.

Every server has its Pros and Cons to it. My first comment is what I had mentioned earlier. I would like to actually spend some time on this server. I want to experience and earn my Tier 6, weapons and other misc items. This is my only complaint really. One thing I do look for when I am testing out a server, prepping for a review and even my own self gain is,
"Is this a server I would like to come back to and just have some fun, mess around, destroy some mobs, players etc." The server has a lot of bugs right now but it seems they are working on it. The random GM music here and there scares the crap out of me, because it is SO random,but fun.
Well, in my honest opinion, I would come back to this one. After all private servers in the end are all about having pure fun, with out all of the chaotic level grinding, reputation grinding, and farming gold.

Reporter: Bluetigray

Q1: How long has this server been running?

GM Raven: "Since september of this year."

Q2: How many players on average use this free service?

GM Raven: "100-220 a day."

Q3: How many GMs are on consistantly

GM Raven: "We have 12 GM team with 7 on consistantly, while others focus on background development."

Q4: Do you actually enforce your TOS?

GM Raven: "Yes, but not to strongly, we give players a chance."

Q5: What are some changes that our readers can expect in the future?

GM Raven: "Daily PvP Events, at least weekly updates, a custom race, and a blizz-like realm, race being the type of character you choose."

Q6: How many realms are you offering? Are you planning on making more?

GM Raven: "We are currently running one realm. but we will be offering a blizzlike realm in the next week or two."

Q7: Is there anything you would like to add, that our readers may not get from our review that you would like them to know?

GM Raven: "We hope to see them ingame, and we will welcome them, and There will be a content breakthrough by the end of the month :)"


Posted on December 16, 2007 by Inkchallenged

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Key Legend

Poor GM Response Time

High Population

High amount of Bugs

90% of Instances fully functional

Even balance of Horde vs Alliance pvp

Badly behaved GMS or very rude

Amazing Shops/Malls

WoW Review Stamp of Approval

Servers down often or constant disconnects

Great Uptime!


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