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A mournful soul's retort


What sort of world is this that is filled with toil and strife?
For all the wars and fighting makes for not much of a life.
To all the Russian children who were tortured, torn and slain
Our hearts go out and our souls are pained for the horror of your fate.


What evil sorts of beings, what depraved and sickened minds
Could ever do the horrid things, which those children have endured.
Remember that the Lord he said that vengeance would be his
And as he loves the children so his vengeance shall be swift.


The rabble may think they have won but let me say to you
Until the last man standing they can never win it's true.
We stand united for the cause of righteousness and freedom
And though you try to kill us off we never will be beaten.

Toby E McFall 7/9/2004


Australia in Spring


The weather is hot for this time of year
No rain in sight and the forecast is drear.
The fires are looming the air thick with smoke
At days end the air is so thick you could choke.


The yard is so brown and parched and dusty
With wind so strong and hot and blustery.
The water we use seems to have no effect
For this land is still dry and will get drier yet.


Typical weather in this harsh sunburnt land
Heat wind and fire all go hand in hand.
One day it will rain and all will be green
So we can relax and forget what has been.


But for the time being we will just have to cope
With what we are given and for rain we will hope.
It's the same every year so there is nothing new
Extreme is the life and the weather is too.

Toby E McFall 16/10/2004



Have you ever had a love so strong


Have you ever had a love so strong
that you would die if it was gone.
A love so precious and so true
that nothing else would ever do.


A love re-doubled with children two
to be a part of me and you.
A family I do have to hold
with all my heart a love so bold.


But if one day they were no more
to bless my heart right to the core.
A pain so cruel to rend the soul
and leave a massive cavernous hole.


The thought alone of how I would be
is almost to much for my mind to see.
If they should be taken so
then life no longer I would know.


For life there would no longer be
as nothing more could life offer me.
Not to live for nothing more
would this life offer to my dead core.


I know these thoughts I should not support
though sometimes they just reinforce.
The love I feel in this heart and soul
for the family I would give my all.


Have you ever had a love so strong
that you would die if it was gone.
A love so precious and so true
that nothing else would ever do.

Toby E McFall 2/9/2004



Not Just You and Me


Life can be cool and love oh so sweet
To live life together is really quite neat
Together forever in love through the years
Entwined in each other with new life to conceive


We live life together and soon to be three
So there go the good times for just you and me
Now all things must change for life never is straight
And we must change with it before it's too late


The time is but fleeting to live love and be
All of the things we both want to be
So let us together go forth into life
And be all the things we know we can be


Let all that we are in life come to pass
And let all the love we have lead us on
Into a new time of love given freely
A new life to show us how to love more completely


If all that we are is flesh and blood mortal
Then in the new world shall we all be immortal
To live a new life in heaven eternal
Made in Gods image as his chosen people

Toby McFall, 1997


Back to the Rat Race


Home again and back to the rat race
Back to life on the edge of unhappiness
All the time spent just to fight and survive
There has to be more than just staying alive


The slow easy life in the country well captured
A garden well scented with flowers perfumes
The fish of the creek on the surface move slowly
Mosquitoes abundant on a hot afternoon


No sooner the stress of the city subsiding
Then we have to remember its soon time to go
So hard to leave such a wonderful feeling
And return to the rat race and fight to survive

Toby McFall, 1996

Parents Lament

Lazy days in the summer heat
People arrive and the baby's asleep
Around the table for coffee and cake
All are waiting for the baby to wake

Music play's in the afternoon time
And I am trying to make this rhyme
Rachel's awake and ready for cuddles
And everyone wants to take hold of the bundle

Time for a feed or at least it will soon be
And then to be changed so we're all dry and sleepy
An hour or so later and it's time for another
And changed yet again and over and over

Another day of another week
And all we want is a little more sleep
But being a family your life it must change
And all that you do will be all rearranged

Up very early to feed, burp and change
And up till all hours for the babe to arrange
Seven days a week we will remain
In all ways a servant and never to change

We look to the future and think once again
Of maybe another to add to the main
For now we will stay with the one that we have
And sometime in the future another to add

Now is the time to make up a rhyme, and think of some words to add from my mind.
Over and over I try to take thought, but nothing will gather to make up a plot.
Time gets away and the day is half gone, tomorrow is closer and life will go on.

Toby McFall 1998

Slow Sabbath Time

A Sabbath full of slow cloudy sleepy time
The weather adding to the sobering time
All around the day is just the same
But to some of us it is slower still

The baby is unsettled but still
Quiet for the most part not all the time
Send her to sleep in a cot full of toy's
To the sounds of soft music like baby's rockabye

Another week has drawn to an end
and we sit and we think of what might have been
Tomorrow we start another week new
They go past so fast like a flash in the pan
One week to another and life is lost in the past

Toby McFall 1998


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