Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre 93/94
This is a section is made for my favorite drama "Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre 94"
I've made this cuz it' HSDS 10 years anniversary :)
The first Drama that lets me cry and the only one  :D
Best version of "yee tin do lung kei"  i've ever seen :D
The casting is great, Steve Ma played Cheung Chui San & Cheung Mo Kei, he did a great job as Cheung chui san and as cheung mo kei :) he was sooo cute :D. Cecilia Yip played Yan SoSo & Chiu Man...I really have to say her acting is great I just love her (thats why she's one of HK' best actress:P).
Kathy Chow as Chow Zi Yiuk OMG!!!!!! She did a good job too...cuz first she was a very good person later she became evil:) hehehehe really cool ! And CoCo Suen as Yeung Siu(he such a handsome guy :P) Loves his eyes when he laughs:P
Yeung siu was a great guy:D
The Themesong and subsongs and especially the Background musics.. whaaaaaaaa I LOVE THEM !!! The themesong was performed by Emil Chow (i Like both cantonese and mandarin versions) And subsong #1 was performed by Jackie Chan.. it was good too :)
Thanks to these sites for the screenshots and pics for my wallpapers  :
Also Thanks to MetalAZNWarrior for capturing screenshots of the themesong for me ... thx alot
HsDs Cast wallpapers
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The cast:
Cheung Chui San - Steve Ma King To
Yan SoSo - Cecilia Yip Tung
Cheung Mo Kei - Steve Ma King To
Chiu Man - Cecilia Yip Tung
Chow Zi Yiuk - Kathy Chow Hoi Mei
Yeung Siu - CoCo Suen Hing
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