The Liberation Army of West Papua's Free Papua Movement 


In the coming pages, you are going to read various accounts and information directly from General TPN PB Mathias Wenda, the Chief Commander of TPN/OPM. We hope you will know more about what we are and what we are not, our reasons for the struggle, our mission and targets, our history, TPN's ways of doing things; as well as our or connections to  OPM, the Niew Guinea Raad, the Papua Presidium Council (PDP), the '14-Group' and other groups and our plans of actions; -all are presented here for public readership.

These are truths about us, and we are now serious to fight for our rights. We hope our message is clear enough:  "JUST LEAVE US ALONE, PLEASE!!!"

We are NOT Terrorists!

We are NOT Separatists!

We DON'T Break the International Laws.

We are NOT alone in this Struggle.

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JUSTICE & TRUTH underlie this struggle.

We fight for Our Inalienable Rights.

We fight for our Nature & Environment.

We fight for our Native Life.

We really need your support!