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Photograph taken March 2005.(Amarillo, TX.)

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Rack of firewood.(Stinnett, TX)

Welcome!! This is a home built page about digital photography. I enjoy digital photography much more than color or B&W photography because the end results are much easier to achieve.  
I have spent many hours in the dark room (DR)and have gotten many fine prints as a result.
Now in a matter of a few minutes I can have the same results as hours in the DR and put the print on the Internet for all to see.
I have explored this idea to build a business.

Check out the store at:

Have you seen the little page at
? Check it out and maybe you would like to help me along by ordering a catalog.

Now that I have a New Digital Camera I will be able to put up some more high resolution photographs. have you visited my listings on

Goofy Student Me in 2000

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Here is a photo at Granny Parks funeral: Pool Clan

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