Welcome to my humble debate home. As most of you know, I am darn near obsessive with debate at times-- being a hardcore debater and all, I figured I'd dedicate part of this site to my debate exploits. Records of my wins and losses, comments if they really piss me off, new files that I've written, etc...all here. Not like anybody but me really cares, but oh well.


Ex Parte Merryman CP (EPM_CP.ZIP, 333K)

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10/31/02 - 11/2/01, USC: 3-3 in prelims, didn't break. I really think we got screwed - we lost on presumption to Albuquerque Academy when we were aff and there was a counterplan in the round...meaning presumption shifts neg. The judge said we didn't make that arg - but they didn't make the arg either. And I guess he just chose to ignore my turns on the Agency disad. And, against East, I just messed up T...didn't cover it enough, apparently. ARGH. The Damien loss was legit though...still, I think we should have been able to clear relatively easily...grar. Congrats to our JV teams tho, they kicked major ass. Good to see CPS AB finally get on track too.

9/28/02, Harker Invitational: 5th speaker. 4-2 in Prelims, (I believe) 5th seed in Elims. Beat Oak Harbor in Quarters on a 3-0, beat Lynbrook A in Semis on a 2-1. Lost to homestead B in finals on a 3-0.

 It REALLY irks me that Homestead let their B team walk over the A team. Had they been debating Deepa and Li (Lynbrook A) in finals, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have happened. Saratoga gets absolutely ZERO respect. I'm not sure whether the decision was made before the result of our round was made known, but it irks me all the same. Next time Saratoga and Homestead clash, we'll see...