My name is Renee. Many of you know me from the R.S.C.P. ezine(Rubber Stamping/Collage/Paper) and The Image Barter Club. Some of you know me from my knitting and spinning projects and my round robins/party swaps.

I have decided to go back to my roots, as it were, and bring back some of my old web sites and some new ones. This new site is a voluntary member-supported site. This site (including the ezine) is a full-time job. I don't want to go back to subscriptions or ads. Also, when I have enough support for the site, I'll be able to switch to a domain which will eliminate the geocities ads and the data transfer limitations.

So please check out my projects - and support the site if you can.



For Rubber Stampers...

New Revised R.S.C.P. Gallery Zine

...come see the new revised site plus the original first issues.

Online Letterboxing

...find the "letterboxes" online. Swap stamped images.


For Knitters and Crocheters

Become a Fiber Angel

...donate your surplus yarn stash to be used to make afghans for those in need.

...more knit and crochet projects including free project links coming.


For Cross-Stitchers

...Coming soon - what do you do with the kit once your project is finished?? Well, I'm giving mine away. This site will be up once I get them organized and scanned. Thank you for your patience


For Everyone

The Thank You Journal Project

...An online thank you journal.


...find out how to receive a "relax with wax" pack.

Adventures with Jessica

...an e-book series about 10-year-old Jessica's adventures. Written by my daughter and me.

Melanie's Work

...My daughter and I are starting a stationery and card press.



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