Harley Race

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Real Names - Harley Race
Birthdate - ?/?/43
6'1" 235 lbs. - Moberly, MI

Aliases - Jackie Long, The Great Mortimer

Athletic background - n/a

Teachers - Ray Gordon, Buddy Austin

Professional background - Tennessee(60s), AWA(`63), Amarillo(`64), AWA(`64-`68), Australia(`68), JWA(`68), Los Angeles(`68), NWA(`68-`86), Central States(`68-`86), Amarillo(`68-`73), Georgia(`74), Stampede(`74-`8?), Florida(`75), Mid-Atlantic(`75), NWA(`77-`85), JCP/NWA(`84-`86), All Japan(`85), AWA(`8?), WWF(`86-`89), WCW(`91-`94), WLW(`99-), NOAH(`01-), NWA-TNA(`02-)

Peak Years - `66-`81

Career Highlights -
- Teams with Larry Hennig and the two become a dominant tag team in the AWA
- Captures his first of eight Central States Heavyweight titles spanning the next 17 years
- Defeats Dory Funk Jr. for his first of eight NWA title reigns in his hometown of Kansas City
- Wins his second NWA title from Terry Funk in Toronto and holds on to it for over a year
- Enjoys a year long feud with Ric Flair as the two exchange the title several times around the world

Finisher(s) -
- Flying Headbutt
- Piledriver
- Cradle Suplex (Fisherman Suplex)
- Vertical Suplex

Favorites -
- Powerslam
- Swinging Neckbreaker
- Indian Deathlock
- Headbutt Drop
- Kneedrop

Ringwork Rating -
technique - 10
science - 6
counters - 4
transitions - 5
diversity - 6
power - 9
strikes - 8

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 7
selling - 8
bumping - 10
carrying - 9
heat - 8
legacy - 8

Serious Injuries - Left Arm, Abdominal Injuries, Back, Knees, Hips (Required Surgeries)

Place in History - Harley Race is one of toughest wrestlers of all-time and a seven-time World Champion. He broke into the sport at 16 and despite a serious car accident, but he would go onto to break Lou Thesz's six title reigns. And in a championship era that spanned 9.5 years, Race spent just under 5 of those as the reigning champ. Even after those days, Race has continued to be active in the sport as a midcard carrier (WWF), manager (WCW) and most recently a promoter of World League Wrestling, which features a variety of up-and-comers, veterans, and guys moving through. Race's style that emphasized world class selling and bump-taking above all else was what made him a great wrestler. While his poor physique, lack of color and wild lifestyle hurt aspects of his career, his raw skill and fearlessness makes him a true legend.