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This site began on November 12, 2002  

Posted on: December 27, 2002

Sorry for the long wait of updating, but we here at wvz have been busy with shit. Stevo's Raw reports are posted nearly every tuesday, so those should be up without an update. Primetime has a few new columns up also. We have received a few new tapes, which are listed below, and will be receiving new ones very shortly. We are working on getting involved in a few webrings to increase hits and business, so if u want a tape i suggest you e-mail me now before we become busy. I have decided to erase my old wwe tv shows and ecw tv shows. Instead I will tape all the 2003 shows of WWE, this includes Raws, Smackdowns, Confidential, and Tough Enough. If you want a heat, or another show let me know and i will try to tape it. Also, we are looking for people who have a fast connection and a cd-burner to help us out. you also have to live in the U.S. so if u want to help just e-mail me at

Posted on: November 21, 2002

The Newest raw report is posted. Also, if u would like to get free tapes(That's free shipping also)e-mail me for details. There is one catch, you must have a fast connection and a cd-burner. The Tv Lists I have will be posted tommorrow.

Posted on: November 20, 2002

All right our first review has been posted. It's the Bam Bam shoot tape and the review was done by Primetime. Also, Primetime has a new column up so be sure to read it. I have a list of my raws, smackdowns, ecw on tnn's, and ecw hardcore tv's but have to still post them. Look for a list of about 80 in a few days. Survivor Series 2002 will be coming in a few days also. WWE Anthology is in but isn't posted anywhere, so if you want it let me know. That is it for now.

Posted on: November 17, 2002

Ok, Look in Stevo's Raw Report for a review of this past Raw(Nov.11) Also we have received some new videos, check the list below.(There will be a match listing for these in a few days)Also, look in Primetime Shoot's, for a letter he has recently written to Vince McMahon himself. I am currently going through my tapes and I will post all of the Wwf Raw's and Smackdown's I have, along with Ecw on tnn's and Ecw hardcore tv's.

Posted on: November 12, 2002

Hello and welcome to the Wrestling Variety Zone. This site is all about trading wrestling tapes and the latest wrestling news. This is how the site works. Basically everything is to the left, just click a link and it'll take you where u need to go. Make sure you check out the rules, my want list, and the contact pages. If you decide you want to trade, goto the contact page and e-mail me a list of the videos you want and a list of videos you have. In a few weeks I might put up a selling section. So for those who have no tapes to trade, they can just buy some to start their collection. Also if you are looking for a company that is not listed to the left, let me know and i will see if I can get some tapes of that specific company. There will also be tape reviews for the tapes we have so you know if they are worth getting or not.

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Ecw Tag Wars 1994

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Older Arrivals:

WWF Rebellion 2002

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Nwa-Tna 06-26-02

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Survivor Series 2002

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