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Greetings and welcome to the Writer's Cafe. My name, as you may already be familiar with, is Henry McCoy, Assistant Manager and your host for the day. May I get you a drink? I'm sure our ever-creative bartender, Mary Shiva, will have just the right thing for your discerning tastebuds...

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I'd like to thank Seraph, who practically redesigned the Writer's Cafe and sparked my interest in it, Falstaff for graciously lending us Mary Shiva, and Kielle for, well, duh. She is the creator of Subreality, y'know. ;) A big round of applause also goes to the fanfic writers (especially all you roundrobiners), for their enthusiastic support. I hope.

Disclaimers and credits: Gryphon images from A Touch of Magick. Henry "Beast" McCoy and other X-Men characters are the property of Marvel. Sailor Jupiter belongs to Naoko Takeuchi and associated copyright holders. Alfred Pennyworth belongs to DC, and Pinocchio was created by Carlo Collodi. Though I'm using them without permission, I am making no money out of it, so please don't sue. Mary Shiva belongs to Falstaff, Peregrine belongs to Yasmin M., and all other original characters belong to their respective creators. The Writers, of course, belong to themselves/their computers/their Muses/their non-human animal companions (cross out as necessary).

Keep circulating the fics.