Encountering Bears

     It was a warm cloudy afternoon.  My mother and I were trout fishing.  The ideal day to be along the stream.  I was under a railroad bridge trying my luck in a nice hole.  My mother was approximately two hundred yards up stream.
     It was serene when suddenly I heard the brush snapping and crackling.  I looked up and down the creek, not seeing anything I figured a deer was on the run.  I continued to fish.
     A few minutes passed and I begun to sense that something was wrong.  I reeled in my line, started to walk up stream.  I took several steps when out of the corner of my eye I spotted someone waving frantically.  I stopped, turned and there stood my mother on the riverbank.
     Her derby was crooked, the camel colored vest was twisted, one pant leg tucked in her knee-high boots and the other hung down.
     Walking up the bank I saw her face was ashen, eyes wide in fright, knuckles white from clutching her pole and her lips were moving but no words spilled out.  Then she had begun to point towards the woods.
     At first I was dumbfounded.  I had never seen my mother frightened.  I knew it was useless to ask questions so I tried guessing what may have startled her.  I thought that maybe she had seen a snake.
     Finally in a squeaky voice she said one word, “bear.”  I didn’t believe it being that there are very few bears in the area.  I couldn’t help but to laugh at her.
     I took her pole and we started back to the car.  By the time we arrived she was able to tell me what happened.  “I was baiting my hook and heard a noise.  I glanced up and saw a bear with her cub.  They were standing only fifty feet or so away watching me.”
     Still in disbelief, I wanted to go into the woods and look for the bears.  Of course, my mother would not hear of my venture.  I left feeling disappointed.
     Over the next few weeks several other fishermen also saw the bear with her cub.  So mom really encountered bears  To this day she will not fish in that vicinity.
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