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 Odyssey from School to Graduate studies...


Masters in Technology and Innovation Management( 2003 - 2004)
Institute: Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK (Entry)
My course is a one year full time course. It has two semesters of 10 weeks each followed by a dissertation.                 

"Migshm"( project undertaken as a part of engineering course 2002-2003)
The project was sponsored by  Codito Technologies Pvt Ltd. It was a group activity.
About the project

Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology( 1999 - 2003)
Institute: Cummins College of Engineering, Pune, India
It is a four year course. Each year comprises two semesters. Each semester had five subjects which were assessed through termwork, theory papers and practical exams. 
My performance on the course in     FE    SE    TE    BE

Secondary School and Senior Secondary School( 1993-1999 )
Institute: Nath Valley School, Aurangabad, India                                                 
Nath valley provided me with a very challenging environment and highly invigorating environment for my schooling, my foundation years.


News from my end...
I am currently working with Manisha Infocom Services Pvt Ltd as a business development person.














Me: The guiding principle of my life is to work with passion. I believe in a life by choice and not by chance.
My family: I have been blessed with a very special and well-knit family...
My friends: Together we have come a long way!


Some interesting stuff...

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