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Writers' Circle is an informal worldwide network of writers. The principle of the 'circle' is to meet and critique one another's work. In recent years, this has moved online - initially through discussion boards and more recently through membership only communities.

Discussion Boards suffered from spam and the lack of good quality moderation. There was also little real time interactivity, which was a cornerstone of the writers' circle principle.

This led to the establishment of membership-only communities. These thrive because they are partly commercial and can therefore afford excellent technology and effective management and moderation. many are part of universities and are not in the public (www) domain. Others are part of online classes, such as Gotham workshops.

Choosing a membership-only community depends upon the needs of an individual writer. For pleasure or vocation? (we'll leave the word 'profit' to one side, since it's not usually high on a writer's wish list).

There are very few high quality discussion boards on 'free' sites such as yahoo and msn. If you want a rich experience, these sites are best avoided.

If you're writing for pleasure, there are many options. In the UK
"Write Words" is a community boasting many thousands of members and a section dedicated to screenwriting.

For those interested in the self-development, spiritual and personal growth aspects of writing, "WritersMuse"  may be of interest.

Perhaps the coolest and most comprehensive community, dedicated exclusively to screenwriting, is "WritersBlockCafe". This has both dedicated communities in the UK , USA and Australia and a worldwide community. You can rub shoulders with pro writers from around the globe. Boards are moderated by qualified screenwriters.
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