• The UL at Lafayette Writing Center is located in Room 107/108 Griffin Hall, on the UL campus

  • The hours are 9-4 Monday through Thursday and 9-3 Friday

  • Contact Director Ms. Monica Busby via e-mail, or by phone (337) 482-5483, Griffin Hall room 259 for questions

  • Phone the Writing Center at (337) 482-5224




    Looking for a place to go   

    Where tutors guide and writers grow

    Where you can type and print your verse or prose

    On whatever ideas your professor might propose… 

    Just enter the Center and make a new friend

    This tutor, you see, will help you comprehend,

    But not only that, their guidance will lend,

    And, see here, that they are your peers and

    will never condescend… 

    So take up your pencil or pen

    And let your adventure begin

    At the UL Writing Center, my friend,

    For research or fiction I do this recommend!

                                                Madeline Ellis










                  Ms. Busby



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