A Time For Pink Roses - All My Life!

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"He Is Simply Fantastic!"
Mr. Frank Gorshin
My Cousin!  Starring In
"The Sunshine Boys"

Teresa (Tracey) L Stanisha, Mr. Frank Gorshin Information
"A Time For Pink Roses -  All My Life"
Patriotism - An Eagle At Gettysburg
"A Time For Pink Roses -All My Life"

"Orchid's Beach

"Dancing Waters

"Oceans and Mountains"
A Special Rememberance! God Bless My Niece!
Erikka Marie Stanisha
Born 9-29-1982 Passed 4-24-2000
She is loved and missed dearly and deeply!
Forever Young!

Teresa (Tracey) Louise Stanisha
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He knew the words before she wrote them!
The perfect beach and the best of the best!
So it
Suspense and intrigue in Newport, RI
The trip of a lifetime! Never to be forgotten!
The Sea of Rhythm

I am mesmerized
by the beautiful waters
of Newport, Rhode Island.
The waves crashing in rhythm along the shoreline
beckons my soul with sweet comforts and bliss.
The smell and the taste in the air
and I know I am home on this land.
So far away, yet at night
in my dreams always in Newport.
The sea of rhythm calls to my soul
with special cadences.
When the fog rolls in it is
sky meeting sea and from miles away
I feel and hear its love song.
In my dreams the water is my partner
twirling me among the whitecaps
and water's foam with special, miraculous dances.  I am in ecstasy with the synergy of the water's melody.
Teresa (Tracey) Louise Stanisha
Being published in
Letters of the Soul

Dancing Water
Orchid's Beach
Author's Page
A Tune For Pink Roses - All My Life
Oceans and Mountains
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Mr. Frank Gorshin starring in
"Say Goodnight Gracie"
The Love, Laughter and Life of George Burns!
Opens on Broadway
Broadway & 44th Street  Helen Hayes Theatre
  Sept 17, 2002   -   the Public
  Oct. 8,   2002   -   the Critics
He channels George Burns!
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