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Welcome to my haven. Here I keep virtually everything I do on the web. This is my turnpike.


April 2nd, 2003. Site officially up and at 'em!
Sept 11, 2007. @_@ I've gone through my pictures file and deleted a whole bunch of shit. The only cards remaining from dead TCGs should be the sets I mastered. Some of the sets I've mastered may have even been deleted. I don't know for sure. I've purged this damned thing. Its gotten to the point were there is so much shit on here, I can't update it. Damned Geoshitties and its free small amount of space......Though I will admit it took me 3 years to fill it up. >.> <.< So anyway, Should be thoroughly updated and faster to load. And existant after I upload new cards. Yeesh.

April 15, 2007. Colligo is back up and running!

December 30, 2006. Year is almost over. I'm swamped with crap to do, and I am so behind on all my online stuff it's not even funny. Maybe a bit hilarious, but only if you're delerium. I thought I should update the front seeing as how I may as well have died according to some people out there. Letting you know I'm still here. Updated Colligo Page today. Also, added a new comic link.

October 16, 2006. I have gone through my pictures file. It was huge. It is still huge, but much less huge. I have deleted the pictures from all my TCGs save Colligo and Evanesco. I hope to be able to put up little memorial things for the TCGs I once was in. To make me feel better about it all. I still had platinum cards in my Pictures file. EEk. first TCG I ever joined. It also forced me to go through my old pictures. They're kinda bad. Kinda really bad. But, they have good points. I'm glad at least for that.

Septmber 25, 2006. I AM TEH 19!! 8r1n6 0n 73h 833r!! Also, I think I may start using this front space as a bit of a blog. not a promise, just a thought.
I M P O R T A N T: My at home computer is busted. That means No proper TCG updates. Just Textual.
So, now that that is out of the way: It is my birthday today. So I spent it fixing Tasha's car, now I'm at school, and soon I'll be going to rehersal. CRAP I just recalled I was meant to go purchase my english text book today. Sad case of the not having a text. Fred is being whiny because I exist, though I'm sure he does enough whining that I'm not here most of the time, so he can kiss my ass. It's my birthday. :p Largo has plans to destroy... rather, d357r0y t45h4. scary times. That's all for me.

June 20, 2006. Put all my Hiatus TCGs in one spot, and deleted all the card images from the site, due to low bandwidth. Now, if the TCGs ever live again, I'll put them back up, but if not... well, I have their files up as a memorial, I guess.

May 27, 2006. Evanesco finally up and running! ^_^ All my cards are up. Super times. Also, have a new trading buddy, Bluegin!

May 04, 2006. Put my links page back up. Recently joined a new TCG, Chosen. Go check that out.

April 07, 2006. Just realized that I hadn't updated this page in ages. Still very active in all TCGs. A new page - Fanlistings! Feel free to visit there to find out about my interests.

December 08, 2005. Changing Layout. While pretty, layout loaded really annoyingly. Now we have gorgeous little rose layout.

November 17, 2005. Finally, Finally, Finally got a new layout for the site. Hopefully you guys like it!!

June 07, 2005. Joined Divinitas, put up a trading form, and created a whole new world! BUCKETS!


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