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I put a lot of time into working on this web page. If something strikes you - if you really dislike or like somethin, if you find something interesting, or if you have an idea for me - let me know it! My email is wtbyan@aol.com ; my AIM name is Wtbyan; and you can sign my guestbook!
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Wow!  I left this page unimproved for nearly a year! I even left the country to live in the Czech Republic for 5 months, during which time I never even looked at the page!! Because of the correspondence of a couple of recent readers, people previously unknown to me, I have looked over the site's statistics: Thousands of people accessed this site during my absence! People are surfing into it from search engines at google.com, msn.com, yahoo.com, dogpile.com and from links lists at wheresgeorge.com, justphish.com, and others! This is amazing to me! So, I hope to start writing again and to get fresh, new material up here for you to find and enjoy!!!!:-)