Daniel Bowman: The North Carolina Pioneer
In 1751, Daniel Baumann left Grunwettersbach-Wurttemberg and his familiar surroundings in Germany to begin an adventurous journey to a wild and new land in the British colonies of North America. Along with his wife, Catharina (Knodel), his son Johann Daniel, and his
daughters Catharina Barbara and Eva Maria, he risked the dangers of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on the Duke of Wirtenberg to go to the Port of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Daniel and his family arrived in the colony on October 16th. After pledging the mandatory Oath of Allegiance to the British Crown, he and his family made their way to live in York, now Adams County, Pennsylvania. 
  After the death of his father, Johann Daniel decided to leave his home and life in Pennsylvania via the Great Wagon Train to receive land in the colony of North Carolina.
  Upon his arrival in the colony, Johann Daniel dropped Johann from his name and changed the spelling of his surname to Bowman. As Daniel Bowman, William Tryon, the Colonial governor of North Carolina, signed a land grant in which Daniel received two hundred acres of land on the head of Clark's Creek in Lincoln, now Catawba County. Daniel built a log cabin and was the founding father of the Bowman family in western North Carolina.
   The presentation of this genealogy of my Bowman family ancestry is an attempt to give a small glimpse into the life of this North Carolina pioneer and his descendants in Catawba and Alexander Counties.

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Daniel Bowman: The North Carolina Pioneer
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Appomattox: Polycarp (P.C.) Bowman was in the 12th Regiment (Click On CW Soldier And Do A Search By Last Name And Regiment.  Polycarp Is Number 21)
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