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The Welsh Society of Greater Cincinnati
Cymdeithas Gymreig Cincinnati A'r Cylch

Welcome to the Home page of the Welsh Society of Greater Cincinnati.

Throughout these pages you will see who we are, what we aspire to be as a society, and what we would like to grow into. If you are Welsh, or of Welsh descent or just have some kind of affiliation to Wales, perhaps through marriage or otherwise, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Let's keep our heritage alive and not let it become swallowed up in the melting-pot of modern day universalism.

Our Charter - Introduction to our society

- A look at our calendar for the year 2009

Y Pobl - "The people" - who we are and what we look like

- Details on the committees we have formed

Virtual Wales
- If you would like to visit Wales (without packing a raincoat) here's a place to start

Picturesque Wales
- Some photographs and links to the beloved "Land of my fathers"

"Hen Wlad fy Nhadau"
- Our national anthem in Welsh with (hopefully) helpful phoenetics
Some Links

Cincinnati Folk Life The source of much Celtic activity and entertainment in the Cincinnati area

The Welsh National Eisteddfod
A great exhibition of traditional Welsh culture. This year in North Wales (Meirion a'r Cyffiniau) from August 1-8.

Cymdeithas Madog
For those of you interested in the Welsh language, follow this link

ic Wales
A good source of information about what's going on in Wales. Read the news, follow the sport, brush up on Welsh politics. In a similar vein, look at Wales Direct

The National Welsh-American Foundation
is the true WWW ( Welsh Wide Web ) with links to many Welsh-American sites plus several beyond the US continent.

Follow this link for The Owain Glyndwr Society - Wales' greatest patriot

Plās Cadnant
A traditional Welsh Bed-and-Breakfast in Shandon, SW Ohio
Click on the banner to learn more about (and, hopefully, support) this worthy campaign
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