Integrity: A full featured “home built” Anatomic Pathology Database is free shareware. Every makes their contribution and this is mine.


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Integrity is a “home built” Anatomic Pathology Database with open architecture, usable with voice transcription programs and all of the features the commercial programs have.

What was the impetus for creation?

Data entry is automated.

The first report is released and printed immediately after slides reviewed.

Derm Dudes

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Advantages of an open architecture system.

Present state:

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Off-site capability:

A wide variety of reports meet the needs of

Pathology sign-out has real-time correlation

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Cumulative reporting on monthly reports.

Cumulative reporting on quarterly reports.

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Periodic cumulative reporting.

Cumulative short-term reporting

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Cumulative reporting on archive error checking

Cumulative biannual reporting.

See Derm Dudes

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