Welcome to The World of Tropical Aquarium Fish, this site was started on September 15, 2000. It was actively updated for over a year, then went through a dead phase of almost four years while the site owner attended university. He is still attending university, but is now hoping to be faithful to the site once again. This site will not be closed down as during its inactive phase, the site receieved many hits and many garnered from the information presented. If you have any non-copyrighted fish photos and you don't mind contributing for the viewing public on the fish profiles, please send them to me. Thanks to everybody for submitting their tank pictures, they are really great. If you have any suggestions for my website please e-mail them to me.

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News-August 14, 2005
Well, I'll be darned. After almost four years of not being updated, here is a news update on this site. I hope that during my absense at university, the information that I have had posted has been of some use to everyone out there. Unfortunately, for my sake, I am down to only two fish tanks now. Only a 20 Gallon tank and a 27 Gallon Tank. The stocks in the tanks have changed a lot from what is currently posted in the tanks. I hope to maybe start updating this site again as there does seem to be an interest still in the information being posted on here, which honestly I find flattering, yet I also feel ashamed as I have not updated the site.

July 25, 2001
We're back!
My computer has been fixed, so we are back online and ready to roll.
July 3, 2001
More Important News
I finally have a new hard drive, a nice 20GB hard drive. So thing should be getting going again, I think I should also mention that I have awarded "Seahorse.org" the site of the month award for May 2001 (I know its July, but I'm trying to catch up). I also won an award from "Golden Web Awards", it looks kind of cheesy, but at least it is a award. Another big news topic now, is that the voting booth for the Best Fish Site of the year, Best Personal Site and Friendliest Message Board is down, so I have lost the exact results, but I know who was leading. (If I am mistaken, please let me know) So I have decided to award them now, to check out the winners, just go to the Award page. The winners will be notified as soon as I creat the award. Anyway, enough about that. I am very sorry that I have not done any updates at all since, probably at least Febraury. It's just with my hard drive and being much busier, I didn't have the time, but I do now. So I hope this website will become a more enjoyable "experience" in the coming days.
April 14, 2001
Important News
Hello, I know that this site has not been updated in awhile and I sorry for that, but my hard drive crashed and we have been on a temporary 200MB hard drive, with all of the necessary files we need on the computer, there is just 2MB left, so I don't have nearly enough space for my websites files. I am writing this from a relatives house so that is how I am able to post this. Until we get a new hard drive, there will be no updates. I hope we get one soon, The website will still be running, so you can still check out the current stuff. Don't forget to vote. Also, I can still take your questions about fish and so forth. I am sorry that it took so long for me to get this message up.

"Max the Goldfish" has been with us ever since we started this website, he loves to chase your mouse cursor. We got him from funkshun.co.uk. They make lots of other great little applets too.

Special thanks to the following: To Marcos at The Age of Aquariums, Bombcat from Bombcat's Fishy Page, Erik Cohen, Raymond from Raymond's Fish Page, Matt Staroscik, Dad's Fishroom, Jill from Jill's Aquarium Site, Malawi Cichlid Homepage, Rich from Richard's Aqua Site, Versaquatics, and Disky from Diky's Freshwater Aquarium Homepage.
Without the help with these people I would not have any pictures for my website or my spiffy background, neat buttons or my bars.

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