Backyard Astronomy
Backyard Astronomy
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    Sky Gems
  • Things you shouldn't miss, even from your backyard
    Notable Events
  • Events such as eclipses and close groupings of planets will be posted here
    Telescope Sights
  • If you have a telescope, here are some things that shouldn't be missed
  • The mythology and stories behind the stars and constellations
Friday, October 18
I have been very busy lately. I plan on doing a lot of updating and adding in the near future. Also, Thanks to Google for picking up my web page and making in somewhat visible.

Tuesday, July 16
I've been working on the site here and there, but nothing worth reporting. I have added to, and renamed the fun section to facts. I will continue to add anything that has to do with astronomy, especially if it doesn't need a telescope.

Tuesday, June 18
The site is completely up. I plan on adding to the parts already up and adding sections. Viewer comments, suggestions, and additions are going to be important to this site. So please feel free to e-mail me.

Tuesday, June 18
The section of fun and interesting ideas is up. Tools of the trade and Sky gems are also up. More to come on everything soon.

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