Updated Friday , November 30th, 2001... ...new classic CAWs are up in the Creations Section...


Welcome to The Outsider's No Mercy Site. You might think this site looks pretty simple... well it is, but it is packed full of all the information that YOU, the gamer, need to know about WWF No Mercy. 

I have a bit of a reputation of running simple, yet great sites for all the wrestling games THQ/AKI has put out. I'll be damned if my rep is not going to continue here. This site is, and always will be under construction. I am always thinking of new sections, and add-ons that YOU, the gamer either need, or would want in a site like this. If there is anything you'd like to see, comment on, or just feel like bugging me about, concerning this site feel free to e-mail me.

Nuff f'n said...
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