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About my Cats ...

Although sewing is my first love, my main occupation of late is "Feline Philanthrophist".
My Cat Colony today consists of a total 11 cats. They are all vacinated and spayed or neutered.
Most of them prefer to stay outside and work fulltime as "rat population control specialists".


 Miss Prissy

Seven of my best mousers are solid black:

The Kittens:  Maxine  Molly


And The Rest:

 The General  Chester

Alley Cat Allies

Taylor-Jones Humane Society

"The Domestic Cat is thought to have been developed in Egypt ... " *

* pending

"Feline 101"

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Rescue Cats!!

If you are interested in rescuing or adopting a Cat,
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There is an endless supply of fuzzy little friends waiting for you !

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Kat Trax

Cat Crossing

Alley Animals

Alley Cat Allies

American Humane Society

Northshore Animal League

Taylor-Jones Humane Society

Partnership for Animal Welfare

Association For Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Cats, Cats, Cats ...

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