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UXM 136: After a psychic struggle between the Phoenix and Professor Xavier, Jean's costume apparently disintegrates, leaving a nude Jean hugging Cyclops. Jean's father quickly provides a robe for her. All very carefully shadowed.
UXM 233: Drawing the very sexy Goblin Queen outfit must have gotten the artist all heated up, because there are numerous nude appearances during the "Inferno" series. In this issue, a nude Jean Grey is created from a mannequin by Cyclops in Madelyne Pryor/Summers' nightmare. In the end of this emotionally-charged sequence, Maddie's clothes dissolve. The distance of the figures hides any details.
UXM 234: In the continuation of this storyline, we see a nude Maddie being reborn as the Goblin Queen; wisps of steam and shadows cover her carefully.

UXM 238: Maddie Pryor/Summers (they had been calling her by her maiden name, even though she's still married to - but deserted by - Cyclops/Scott Summers, probably to make us more accepting of Jean Grey's return to Scott's life), now a prisoner of the Genoshans, has escaped from her cell, inexplicably removing the suit given to her by her captors, and is standing by the creche ("where the genegineer grows his babies") nude. The baby she is holding blocks our view, as do shadows and carefully trimmed perspectives. Although no reason is given for her stripping, her fragile mental state is evidenced in the blankness of her eyes. (If you didn't read the series back then, trust me, she'd been through an awful lot. By this time she had already become the Goblin Queen, but shreds of her former personality remained.)




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