“The car is the closest thing we will ever 
create to something 
that is alive.”

Sir William Lyons, 
founder of Jaguar

Welcome to my little corner of the 'net.  I originally set up this page primarily to showcase my collection of diecast cars.  Now it's become a place where I can celebrate cars in more ways than one.  Of course, a large part of it involves my diecast collection, but there is also an automobile articles archive, a bus section, and a gallery.  At least there will be by the time I'm done. 

About Me: some personal info
Diecast Collection: my collection of 300+ diecast cars
Articles Archive: automotive articles covering all makes & models
Someday the Transit Bus: The Story of Someday the Transit Bus
Car of the Week: I'll be featuring one car here per week with model info & specs
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