To all those that wish to live in peace, you have come to the right place.  The kingdom of the Kinistis's proclaim themselves as ruler of Ayenee.  All that oppose this decree will be punished and beaten.  If you seek peace you have two options, join us or be killed.  It may sound harsh, but it is the only way.  To survive you must be willing to take on the liberty of the Kinistis ways.  This IS the way...

The Kinistis Plan

The Kinistis Brothers rule this land.  They bring upon the peace and saftey that most would think they would.  They will together rule ayenee.  Both briliant from a military stand point and social standpoint, they together lead the forces that rule ayenee.  They are Crogatis_Kinistis and Serinth_Kinistis.  If at all you hear "Kinistis Realm" in your travels, it only means Ayenee.  Feel free to contact us on the message board if you wish.

Enter the realities of the Kinistis Brothers

~The Shrine of Lord Crogatis~


New Ruler of Xralt