Heather and Robin's Page
This is Heather and Robin's page. Heather is the beautiful blonde and Robin is the lucious brunette! This is pretty much just a bunch of pictures so have fun!! Oh, and don't forget to sign the guestbook, we don't have time to hunt each of you down.
Robin's Pictures
Our AP Bio class took a fieldtrip to the Oakland Zoo. Check it out

Heather's Pictures
Our Senior Banquet on June 7th
Join us as we explore "fun" in Benicia!
Heather: I am going to the Warped Tour and you have to come too. This is not a request.
Robin: Um, okay....

Take a
On Memorial Day 2001 Robin and Heather took 3 boys deep into the woods of Northern California. Would they survive?
Wanna see some of the dumb things we say? Check out the Quotes page!
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By popular demand (okay maybe it's just Chris) you can now take a peek into our trip to Santa Cruz. Let the rejoicing begin.
Heather finally got off the couch and onto her butt to make her diary. When Robin will overcome her *intense* sense of privacy is anybody's guess....
NEW!! Winter time is here again and we have the pictures to prove it!
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