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Teh Plot!

A smile is just a smile, right? Wrong. Nobody ever seems to take a look at the little things; like smiles. A smile holds mystery. A smile leaves you wondering. A smile sparks an interest between two people. The list seems to go on forever. Remember, a smile, is never just a smile.
Main Plot:

The new age has begun. The year is 2004. All of our old friendly souls are gone. In fact, none of them remain. England isn't occupied by any of the old, familiar faces reside there. Memories have been wiped. Those with too much memory of the horrivle events, were mis-diagonsed insane, and are currently in Saint Mungos. This all may seem fine and dandy, cruel and horrible, but people feel as though they are missing a huge amount of their history.

For those who look hard enough, far enough, and smart enough, they might just find what they're looking for. The records of the unknown war ar e hidden, forever, until those smart enought to look for it, finds it.
Techno Update:

Technology has swept across Hogwarts and the rest of the wizarding world. They've manage to get technology, and muggle electricity to work at Hogwarts. Owl Post is out, and e-mail is all the rage. Along with e-mail, there is Instant messengers, and
online journals.

As a requirement of the new Headmistress, every student must keep a journal on the net. They must also update it bi-weekly at least, and be as creative as possible.

Left with such an interisting assignment, the students of Hogwarts 'get creative'.

The age of punk rock, ska, and so much much more is upon Hogwarts. The music that pounds through students ears may scare the teachers quite a bit, but such things just make them love it more.

Just think about it, our lifestyle plus magic. What will the wizarding world come to? Oh Merlin.

Most are probably thinking between the hidden war and the bright world of technology is un-canny. That may ver well be, to the naked eye. It all fits together, piece by piece, into one complex puzzle. Patience my darling, patience.