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Rob Thomas-Lead Vocals/Guitar/Piano
Kyle Cook-Lead Guitar/Back Vocals
Adam Gaynor-Rhythm Guitar/Back Vocals
Brian Yale-Bass
Paul Doucette-Drums/Back Vocals/Piano
Latest News
2/1/05~  Rob Thomas's new single, "Lonely No More," was released today!  His CD, "Something To Be," is due out April 26.
Visit Rob's new site,

Also, please visit Adam Gaynor's new website,
www.adamgaynor.net.  He may have left the band, but he's not going to leave his fans behind. :)

1/19/05~  I am very sad to announce that Adam Gaynor, matchbox twenty's rhythm guitarist, left the band.  This is coming straight from the matchbox twenty fan club, FanBox 20.  An offical announcement will be made soon.

In happier news, Rob Thomas's solo CD, "Someone To Be," is due out in April or May.

12/22/04~ Paul and his wife Moon Zappa welcomed their first child, Matilda Plum Doucette, on December 21.  Matilda shares a birthday with Moon's father, the late Frank Zappa.