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site updated on October 27, 2003 - Just a teeny weeny update. ^^

Michelle Lim (she who did the Touda fanart below) just made my day, and I just wanted very much to say that I am very happy that people still find my site useful. Also, to those who email me about my fanfics - thank you very much, I really appreciate them but please don't be angry, upset or insulted if I don't reply back. I don't write a lot of fanfiction anymore & I don't know what to say when I am asked to continue my stories. I am sort of at a lost for words (having major Writer's Block) these days.

If you haven't seen it, onegai shimasu (please!) go see Calis-chan's Muraki fanart which graced Compulsion's front page for quite a long time, click HERE. Thank you!

Should you come across "page not found" errors on this site, please refresh. It should come up. I know there are broken images in my site, but as far as I know, there are no missing pages. Also, I hear Reinselft has been moving her site (again).

If you don't know Reinselft, she's the talented webmistress of ARTISTIC (lots and lots of lovely wallpapers and not only YnM ones). She was located over at, but now she's over at Should she move again before my next update (which is much less likely to happen than Reinselft moving again), sic Google on her tail. ;) Just search for "artistic" & "Reinselft."

Also, please visit Mukuro May's Insomnia. It's a yaoi fanfiction site w/ (YES!) YnM fanfics.


Hmm... I got an email a long while back that my link to Rath's site is wrong. Seems to be right, but anyway. This is the link to Rath's Hobby Collection: If that gives you trouble, try: - cute name. ^^

Nutz... Where is Kurot's homepage now? >__< Urgh. I think this is the right one... (crosses fingers) But it's closed down... (like my site). ::sighs:: Well, to make up for the extremely late correction, I'm linking to her Livejournal: - I think this is hers.

Now, take a look at (points down) that! ^__^ Touda-san by Michelle Lim aka milellehcim. Her email used to be NOW it's MAIL HER. I think she did a wonderful drawing of Touda. Also, you can click on the image to go to a bigger file.

Hearts and Hourglasses --- Yes, I am still shamelessly plugging my Harry Potter fanfic... And also!
Sakura --- Calis-chan's Muraki/Oriya fanfic. Which I dearly hope she will continue regardless that she is very busy these days. ::sighs::

I'm still following Yami no Matsuei. It appears in every other HanaYume magazine these days. By the way, (points to counter) THANK YOU!!! ^__^

I haven't been around in the Japanimation fandom much these days or in any other fandoms for that matter, but you might see me over at FictionAlleyPark sometimes. It's a Harry Potter Fanfiction Site.

^^ Well, Calis told me some things that might be of interest to you. From the Sketchbook: Muraki found a kitten whom he adopted and called Little Cat. Later, he changed its name to Tsuzuki. And Souryuu has a same weakness as Tatsumi. He can't stand to see Tsuzuki cry.
Now let's see... What else? Ah! This is my My Live Journal and the YnM part I scanned was Part 66. The link to scans may be found at index.htm, which I am not updating now, because I'm tired. It's nearly midnight.

Also, I'm still plugging Calis-chan's site. Why? Because I adore her. ^^ I also worship Seldes Katne over at Sugar Quill. She's *my* SQ Professor.

To use the navigation on the far left, hold mouse tip over each link, and a description will appear.
Also, you have to check index.htm. One of these days, I have to explain why I have two index pages. I explained already. It's over at index.htm.

Since Jan 15 2001 Thank you for (points at counter below) for that many hits. I used to do gift fics but not anymore. My email address is
Gift 25000 to be uploaded... (uhm... think I did this already... not sure) plus a lot of other updates (MAJOR update incoming) and I have two flash comics pending as well as the Gensoukai Arc Part 65 scans. But you can see scans for 65 already at Baiserdoku. :) Go there!

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