Words, Words, Words
I have always been able to express myself with relative ease as a writer. Talk to me and you would never know it was the same person that pens such thoughts as my tongue is no more golden or conversations no more exhilirating than your average man. But put a pencil in my hands or a keyboard at my fingertips and the ideas freely flow from my mind to whatever medium will hold their meaning and display their honesty.

In my life, I strive to do one thing and one thing alone. Every man and woman has goals and they can range infinitely across possibility. For me it has always been the same thing, I want to affect people. Just as Webster said, affect is to move someone to an emotional response. I want to make people feel. What they feel is not as important as the depth of feeling. Can I write something that makes you feel so much hate for me in your heart? I have achieved my goal. When you read what I have written, are you saddened to a physical response? Are you crying? Have a sinking feeling in your chest or a lump in your throat? I have accomplished what I set out to do. Or has something I've written, pictured or sung sent a warm feeling through your body? Brought a smile to your face? Made you feel that someone else understands how you feel, finally? I could not be happier.

So please do read on, open your mind and your heart. Listen with your eyes and for a moment give your lips a rest and let your imagination guide you on a journey of understanding.....
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