Welcome to the greatest show on earth and no,
I am not talking about the circus, though my life many times resembles such. I believe that it can truly be said that life is like a three ring circus. In the center ring is you, who you are, what you are and where your life is at, whether it be your relationship with self or with others. On one side, the ring of love representing your love life and all the drama and tragedy which it entails. On the other side, the ring of work, everything you do to stay alive, afloat, atop the rat race which drives the entire circus.

Like any good show, every ring has its guests, its entertainers, clowns or exciting, death defying acts of sheer madness, utter stupidity and profound beauty. So whether it is elephants stomping through your ring of love, clowns acting up in the ring of work or the catortionist, twisting your life in knots via the center ring always remember this.....

It is all a show, be entertained, never take it too seriously and always laugh no matter how devistating after all.....this is the greatest show on earth.
Your host....
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Last Updated: 4-28-2002