Takumi is born at 9:04 a.m. -- 2970 gm.

aika kondo picture. Family together... more pictures

It has been a busy month for us. Sorry for not updating this site. Sorry yeah? Gomen ne... Still busy so I am just going to put a picture of my additional collection of antique vase. Oh, Keiko gave birth to a baby girl on the 11.06.2002.

We got our baby's bed. Now we have to think of a name... m(__)m

I have been busy at work but a view like this lightens things up. :)

Kawaii Yuta. More pictures...

New pictures taken. Updated version of our home.

Our apartment is finally ready. After months (4 months) of fixtures, it is finally ready. Home sweet home..

Fuji Xerox's annual kick off at Eastin Hotel. Below is my office desk. I know it is small. Xerox's products

Sakura in Nara, Japan. Picture taken by Ikuko. Beautiful ne... More pictures of sakura.

Yuta kun...

03.02.2002 - 08.02.2002
Went to Singapore for EFI training with other Asia Pacific's Analyst. Below is a picture of Suntech City - 17, 18 and 19th Floor of Tower 4 is Fuji Xerox's Singapore's office.

Masako sizing up. huhuhuhu.... We both are hoping and praying that the baby will healthy. Masako in Japan at a temple to wish good health and a safe pregnancy.

New pictures which Masako sent me... Yuta and Keiko playing in the snow. Look how much Yuta has grown...

My first... Arigatou Yoshihiro... Thank you. Omedeto Gozaimasu!!!

28.12.2001 - 6.01.2002
We went back to Nara Japan for New Year...

more pictures of 2002 in Japan...

dum... dum...daa dummm... Our wedding ceremony!!!

Watch some of our wedding pictures here...

Wedding pictures taken at a studio - France Taipei. Real bad scanning but here are some of the pictures.

Today was a public holiday in Selangor - we went to do my Japanese visa. Being a husband to a Japanese national, it allows me to obtain a holiday visa easily. All I needed was -

.. photocopy of my wife's passport
.. an invitation letter from her
.. a passport size picture
.. a photocopy of our wedding certificate.

it would be ready in two working days.
Almost the end of the year - boy, time passes by so fast. A little update -
work is less challenging at this moment - I wish I had 'more' to do - I feel redundant but I am not complaining. I think I am needed in Penang again. Oh, the flight ban thingy have been lifted.
... Masako is fine but having morning sickness and losing appetite.
... Watched Harry Potter - The soceror's stone - my conclusion : the book's much better - read the book.
... Getting our wedding pictures taken - 06.12.2001
... More of a private wedding dinner will be held on the 14.12.2001
... Will be going to Japan on the 28.12.2001 - with my brother and his wife.

We went window shopping (baby stuff) but end up buying a couple of baby stuff. Still too early but too hard to resist.

An update on my favourite web site - http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com - good web site on economic, technology, management, etc. Well it is my favourite site at this moment in time.

30.10.2001 - 9.11.2001
I had to go to Penang for business... so Masako followed me to Penang.
at E & O hotel beside the beach. It was heaven!
For more pictures on Penang - click here...

28.10.2001 - 29.10.2001
We went to Singapore and this time to collect Masako's spouse visa. Click here to know about the hassles we went through....
We also went to Jurong Bird Park. huhuhuhu.... nice place.


Kobasan arrived Fukuoka safely. Me and Masako are planning on a trip to Cambodia to visit the Angkor Wat.
A good information on Cambodia can be found here -- http://www.cambodia-hotels.com/basic.htm
I have been dreaming of visiting these ancient city.

We took Masako's friends from Fukuoka who were here on a back packing tour around Malaysia for dinner. It was fun. I remember of my backpacking days when I was in Australia. The backpacking hotels here charge RM25.00 for a two bed room -- showers are down the hall way.

Fuji Xerox in Penang...
me (DocuTech Systems Engineer), Alween Loo (XBS Consultant), Josephine (Penang Branch Specialist), Aaron (Multifunc Systems Engineer) - Penang Garage - Gloria Jeans cafe.

Me and Masako was at Penang for a week. I was there on a work related mission - Intel Electronics. We spent most of the days in Intel Penang and Intel Kulim while Masako went shopping and sightseeing with my cousin.

Masako standing in front of E & O hotel - Penang's oldest hotel. I remember growing up beside this hotel.

Inside E & O hotel... spectacularly beautiful inside this newly furnished hotel. Even the elevators were the gate type. A must place to visit.

Malaysia's oldest hotel - built in 1885.

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