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I love this picture! It was our last day in Florida! Timur was leaving for NY on that day. As he was leaving right from Disney park, we had to take all his bags from hotel with us. And of course, it didn't go without problems. We overslept and then had to pack Timur and all his stuff in like 3 minutes! By some miracle we managed it and even made it to the last shuttle from hotel to Disney. So here we are in Epcot: sun is shining,  birds are singing, palms are growing. We are happy! 


Crazy Aerosmith fans! This picture was made in gift shop after Aerosmith roller coaster in MGM Disney park. This cool long-haired guy is Timur, Aliya is next to him, "blond" Tajik is Dilshod and this cool chick in front is me.   


Welcome to the land of rising sun! Chto Timur-san? Esli b ya imel dvuh jen, da? 

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