Modern Greek Poetry

Collections of Poems translated in English.

Collective works

POETRY Greece Online magasines of contemporary Greek poetry translated in English.

Greek Poetry in English translation Representative poems of Odysseus Elytis, Nikos Gatsos, and Konstantinos Kavafis.

Modern Greek Poets Several poem translations.

Welcome to Greek Poetry A presentation of Modern Greek poetry, biographies of poets and a wonderful selection of Greek poems in English by Poetry International Web.

LOVE & GREEK POETRY English translations of Greek love poems.


  • Kostis Palamas.

Kostis Palamas Poems by Kostis Palamas translated in English.

Poet: Kostis Palamas Three poems by Palamas.

“OLYMPIC ANTHEM” Music by Spyrhidon Filiskos – Samaras and Lyrics by Kostis Palamas

The Olympic Anthem Translated in English (also music files and sheet music).

  • Konstantinos P. Kavafis.

C.P. Cavafy - The Official Website of The Cavafy Archive Translated poems and texts (whole works), biography and links from the official site of the Kavafy archive. Excellent site!

Constantine P. Cavafy Biography and a collection of poems by Kavafis. The poems also appear in Greek. Two of them (well, my favourite ones!) are in audio files read by Mr. Barbanis.

ITHAKA - A Tribute to Constantine P. Cavafy A page with great links.

C.P. Cavafy's Biography An article written by Edmund Keeley.

Greek Literature and Poetry - Constantine Cavafy, Kavafis A collection of poems.

Konstantinus Kafavis A biography.

Artificial Flowers One more collection of poems by Kavafis in English.

Poetry of Konstantinos Kavafis A thorough presentation of Kavafis.

Kavafis' Ithaca A poem by Kavafis.

Kavafis Museum in Alexandria, Egypt Information and links from the museum.

  • Angelos Sikelianos

Angelos Sikelianos presented in Culture section Information on the poet.

POETRY Greece Two poems translated in English.

  • Odysseus Elytis

Odysseus Elytis Life and works.

Odysseus Elytis - Biography

Poetry International Web - Odysseus Elytis Biography and selected poems by Elytis from Poetry International.

Odysseus Elytis Biography and translation of a short story by the poet.

World Poetry Database: Poems by Odesseus Elytis Selected poems.

Elytis: Selected Poems Nice selection of poems.

Odysseus Elytis- English translations of selected poems Several poems and links.

Odysseus Elytis Poetry A site with a lot of pictures of Elytis as well as poems and information.

Odysseas Elytis Poetry, From Axion Esti, I know the night no longer, Alone from the Axion Esti : Other links with poems online.

  • Nikos Gatsos

Nikos Gatsos Biography and poems translated in English. Also, MIDI files from Manos Hatzidakis' music for the poems.

POETRY Greece Poetry from Gatsos.

From Amorgos An excerpt from the poem.

Elegy , Rosewater and Dark Mother Three poem by Gatsos.

Nikos Gatsos Biography and poetry.

  • Nikos Kavvadias

Nikos Kavvadias (English version) A site dedicated to the sea-worshiping poet (Greek version as well).

Nikos Kavvadias

The Kefalonian poet Short biography.

Stavros tou Notou Southern Cross, poem by Kavvadias.

Nikos Kavvadias-Biography by the Seamen Assocation of Cephalonian island.

  • Kostas Karyotakis

Karyotakis - Poems from Nepenthe & others Poems in English from this prominent Greek poet.

Kostas Karyotakis Poems and biography in .pdf format.

Nobility, by Kostas Karyotakis A poem by Kariotakis in this page.

Karyotakis Poetry English & Russian translation

Kostas Kariotakis - In English Short biography about the poet, pictures and links.

POETRY Greece A page about Kariotakis.

  • Yannis Ritsos

Poetry International Web - Yiannis Ritsos A presentation of Ritsos' work by Poetry Internatinal.

Yannis Ritsos - Biography (E) Life, works and themes of his poetry. Also, links about Mikis Theodorakis' music for the poems.

Epitaphios by Ritsos Poems online.

Poems of Yiannis Ritsos Three poems from the "Negatives of Silence".

Yannis Ritsos: Late into the night and Epilogue, by Yiannis Ritsos Two poems by Yannis Ritsos in english translation.

  • Yiorgos Seferis.

The Greek Central Network - ellinika A collection of poems of Kavafis, Kariotakis, Elytis and Seferis.

Poetry International Web - George Seferis A page on Seferis and his works.

George Seferis Biography, list of works and links to poets that influenced his work.

Literature 1963 The official page of Nobel prize in literature 1963.

POETRY Greece Selected poems by Seferis.

Giorgos Seferis - poems A good selection of poems by Seferis available in an e-book as well.

Poems by Seferis: Epiphania - Poems (E) , Our Sun, G.Seferis, Interval of Joy , Denial .

  • Nikiforos Vrettakos.

Nikiforos Brettakos A special place here for this wonderful poet who wrote about "Sparta's orange trees" and the mornings on Mount Taygetus. Last time I saw Nikiforos was in 1983, when he read his poems at a special tribute for himself and Yiannis Ritsos in Yithio. I still have a book with his autograph that I will cherish as long as I live. Thanks!

POETRY Greece Two poems by Vrettakos translated in English.

The field of words, A smaller world and Poet: Nikephoros Vrettakos Other poems links.

Poems Beautiful poems by Vrettakos and links. Please, scroll down to see the English translation. "And, above all, Taygetus, zooming proudly." Also, The Orange Trees of Sparta and The Purest Thing in All Creation.

  • Solomos Dionyssios

Dionyssios Solomos A page about the poet.

Hymn to Freedom The National Anthen of Greece written by Solomos (part of the 'Hymn to Freedom')

My Translations

Modern Greek Poems in English Translation

Collections of Poems in Greek

Modern Greek Poetry-Literature Magasines Online Various literature magasines from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki server. You can click on the images to view the inside pages. The site is in Greek. An excellent source of quality articles about the modern Greek literature works.

Anthology of works of Greek Writers A wonderful collection of poems and short stories available online categorized by the authors' names from the University of Athens server.

Greek Poetry Anthology & More.. by Kostas Douridas Literature Page of the "Land of Gods", an online Magasine for the Greeks of DIASPORA with a collection of Greek poets, a search engine and translations.

Myriobiblos-Greek Literature from the Online Library of the Church of Greece.


Poems by Nikiforos Vrettakos.

Axion Esti in greek An excerpt from the poem.

Nikos Gatsos A page about this prominent surrealist poet with biography, links to sites about his work in Greek and English and several of this poems including an excerpt from "Amorgos" (in Greek).

Poetry of Nikos Gkatsos Two of the poems (Amorgos and O Ippotes Kai O Thanatos) are in Greek but written with english characters.

Kariotakis Kostas - Poems .

Kostis Palamas Biography

Myriobiblos, Texts Three poems by Kostis Palamas.

Maria Polidouri - in Greek Biography and poems

Giorgos Seferis A page with a lot of poems by Seferis in Greek. You can click on the links on the left frame to view the poems.

A collection of Greek poems A short collection of poems written mainly in the 19th cetnury.

Greek women poets An anthology of women poets.

Days of Dawns and Sun Burrials Collections of poems in Greek.

Collections of Greek Poems Translated in Other Languages.

Greek Poetry Links by Katerina Sarri Excellent collection of Greek poets from the ancient to the modern times translated in various languages including English. The site has a section about the Ancient Drama Poetry, as well.


Philippe RAMONA's greek poetry Web page A site about the Modern Greek poetry with transaltions of several poems in French. Also a lot of pictures and links.



Griechische Kulturstiftung | Links Seferis in German.

Spanish - n°16 - Poesía: Constantino Kavafis Translations of several of Kavafis poems in Spanish.

Albatross- Poesia Straniera Costantino Kavafis Kavafis.

Constantino Kavafis - La Blinda Rosada - Fundación de Poetas Ithaca and other poems.

Konstandinos Kavafis Kavafis 's love poems.


Kavafis: leven na de onsterfelijkheid. Kavafis's poems and biography for the Netherlands.

History of the Greek Poetry

INTERWAR [CIVILIZATION] A brief overview of the poetry during the inter-war period

GRIGORIOS XENOPOULOS KONSTANTINOS THEOTOKIS (.pdf) A great resource on Greek Poetry! To view it, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader that you can download for free from the site Adobe Acrobat Reader - Download.

Notes on Modern Greek Poetry An article on Modern Greek Poetry.


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