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Oct 1, '04
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My web page reflects a favorite hobby of mine, backpacking!
I prefer long distance hikng, mainly on the footpaths of our National Scenic Trails; My ultimate goal is to end-to-end all eight. So far, I've end-to-ended
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A few oil paintings of scenes along these trails.
In '96, '97, '98, backpacked
on the
With many miles of trails under my foots, here's how to give them a break. Warm water, in a pot with smooth rocks, add 2 teaspoons each, of epsom and sea salts, 1 teaspoon baking powder. For a more invigorating mix, just add a few drops of oils, like lemon, orange and nutmeg. Soak da feet for 15 minutes, and they'll be eager to pound the trail!
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I've a campaign underway, with the U.S. Postal Service. I'm urging them to issue a set of stamps, honoring and depicting all twenty-three of our USA's National Scenic and Historic Trails. One way to get the Postal Service to consider this, is to send them a letter, a petition, or even a postcard,. These stamps would spread to the far corners of our country and the world, making people more aware of these wonderful trails.

It takes the Postal Service about three years, for approval, design, production, and the issuing of any stamps. Public pressure gave us the Elvis stamp! If and when the stamps are approved, I've requested the first day issue be made on a National Trail Day, celebrated in June every year.

Would you pay 40 cents, for a 37 cent stamp? In 1998, the USPS issued its first semi postal stamp, for breast cancer, and, in 2002, the Heroes stamp, for the 11 Sep fund. Semi postal means part of the profit from each stamp sold is earmarked for these causes. The difference in price is a tax-deductible charitable contribution. This would be an ideal way to issue the trail stamps, earmarking part of the profit towards national trails upkeep. The NPS and USFS don't recieve enough funding to truly maintain these trails. Congress pressured the Postal Service to issue the these semi postals; You could write the senators and congressmen of your state, urging them to do the same for these trail stamps.

I've received feedback from people, trail clubs, and other organizations who like the idea, whom have sent correspondence to the USPS. The American Hiking Society (AHS) , and the American Trails Organization (ATO), have published the idea in their newsletters. In '98, the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association (ALDHA), passed a resolution of support. If you believe this stamp set is a good idea, please write (No known USPS e-mail address) the Postal Service. Have a petition sent from your local trail club!

I've been a campaigner for this idea over seven years. Your personal influence and involvement, as an individualist who enjoys backpacking, or with an outdoor organization, that can help make this stamp set a reality, is greatly appreciated.

A direct benefit could result for trail organizations, by licensing reproduction rights from the USPS. T-shirts, mugs, etc, bearing a stamp, and sold in their trail shops. Imagine wearing an AT t-shirt, with its stamp, and a slogan, "I Licked the AT !" First day issue cancellation envelopes could also be re-sold. Can you name all twenty-three trails ?

Sample LETTER, PETITION and POSTCARD . Save, print, reword, as you want. I've stamp design ideas, shown with each sample. What's yours? E-mail them to me (in any graphic format), I'll post them on site, credited to you.
The address for sending correspondence:

Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee
c/o Stamp Management
U.S. Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plaza SW Room 4474E
Washington, DC 20260-2437

This committee only meets four times a year, and receives over 40, 000 stamp suggestions per year, so send this one as soon as possible!

To help maintain maximum performance while long distance backpacking, your diet should
be 70% carbohydrate 15% each, of fat and protein. Eating high carbohydrates, several days before starting a hike, will double your bodys glycogen stores, which is usable energy.

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