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Address Book
Looking for someone from Berea? Investigate the address book for their email or homepage address. This was formerly the Staff Address Book, but it has now moved to the Berea Online site to serve the whole community.
Old files of guestbooks, bulletin boards and whatever else I feel like putting in there.
Berea Online
The official web site of Camp Berea containing the latest information on the events of Berea. Hosts some of the features found on this homepage, such as the calendar, addressbook, chat room and stuff.
Check out the dates of Berea's summer camps and retreats.
Chat Room
Go chat with a fellow Berean in real-time.
Cool Links
Employment Opportunities
Interested in serving at camp on summer staff, check out which position is for you.
Sign your name to tell everyone, that you were here.
Photo Album
The pictures from the gallery in album form. (Not recommended for those with slow connections)
Photo Gallery
Pictures of the staff workin' hard or hardly workin'

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