DeepE's Fishin' Web

DeepE's Fishin' Web

As you can see,,,,I've only just started on this page . I will be adding more, as can, but this surely does cut into my fishing time! Most of my new stuff will be from the strip pits located in southeastern Kansas. Check back with me often, as I will have fish pics and lake pics for the Strip Pits area, as well as some of my favorite fish RECIPES and more links....

Here is a pic of me and my fishing buddy Steve..(just click here

You will have to guess who is who

Here is a map of a portion of the Mined Land Wildlife Area in Southeast Kansas, showing some of the strip pits in the West Mineral Area only. Unbelievable amount of angling opportunities here!! There are two other sections, and I will be posting them, (as well as actual pics of some of the lakes) soon, so check back often.

WELL, here is a pic of a 2# CRAPPIE from one of the strip pits. Caught on about May 1st, 1998. I'm goin' for a THREE POUNDER this year!! Wish me luck!

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Missouri Flyfishing

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Musky Fishin'

Here is a musky RECIPE I think you will like...


B.A.S.S. Homepage

A picture of me with a nice BASS

And a picture of my son (from a few years back) with some VERY nice CRAPPIE.


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