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Ramea, Newfoundland

Ramea is an Island Town of the southcoast of the province of Newfoundland, Canada. The island relied heavily on the offshore fishing industry until the government of Canada placed a moratorium on the Northern Cod fishery. The town is holding tough and the people have indured, although many of it's residents had to leave to seek employment in various parts of Canada. Although this is not the first time Ramea has came together since it's humble beginnings.

This year (1997) marks the 500th year since the island was first discovered by John Cabot in 1497. The province is Celebrating this milestone with the Cabot Celebrations. Ramea will be in full swing with these celebrations. Stay tuned and I'll try to keep you up to date.

I thought I'd give you an idea where Ramea is located in Newfoundland with this map. The adventure in Ramea my just be getting there. You'll have to take a ferry from Burgeo..-:) Once you get there you can stay at the Four Winds, Bed and Breakfast.

Many of the youth of Ramea between 12 and 19 years of age learn about the out of doors thru the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps "Churchill"

The Newfoundland Flotilla will be in Ramea Click the graphic for the schedule. Truely a spectical to behold...

Just a few winter scenes around Ramea

For more information about this town go here !!!

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