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Hello Everyone!! My name is Stephanie and I am a 23 yr old Graduate from Olpe High School. I have been working on this page for about 7 years now. As you can tell, it hasn't changed much. I figured, if I changed my page to much, then the memories of the fun times I had making it, and the memories of the things I have on my page, would be lost! So I hope you all enjoy this page, and come back anytime!!

Spending Time With My Husband, Son and Daughter

Hanging out with my friends
Going to the lake
And of course, Writing my Poetry!

My First Poem Published
Follow Your Heart
Rumors are rumors,
Lies are lies,
Only believe,
What's insides...

My Other Family/The Gang!!

Loss of a Friend :-(

Me and my girls!! (Tasha, Maddie, and Mae)
This is a PRO-LIFE Site

Meet my smiley

His name is BillyJoe

(He's named after two of my best friends in Catholicity Bill.Riess and JoeDidde)
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My Favorite Sayings!!!
"Always Follow Your Dreams!! Even If They Seem Impossible!!
"Go For It..."

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To All Who have encouraged me to put my poetry on the web, here you go!! Knock yourself out!!! I hope you enjoy what you read, and please, give a response of what you think!!
My Poetry
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