Archer - The Romantic Sportsman

Who is Archer? ...

Simply a guy who calls himself... Archer

Why Archer? ...

Cause he is cupid and romantic?

... Naaaaa ...

Cause he's a crazy dude

who loves to shoot his bow.

Yea.. That's him !

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Page 3 - Archer's Likes

Page 4 - Archer's Background

Page 5 - Archer's Hobbies

Page 6 - Archer's Attitude

Page 7 - "IF" by Rudyard Kipling

Page 8 - Archer's Relaxing Page

Page 9 - Archer's Environment

Page 10 - Archer's Archery Page

Page 11 - Archer's Hunting Page

Page 12 - Archer's Firearms

Page 13 - Archer's Sportsman Picks

Page 14 - Archer's Romance

Page 15 - Archer's Card Page

Page 16 - Archer's Best Links

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