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Updated: 04/26/01



Summer 2001 Count
Starting Easter Day

Monthly Half Off Special

Camping out, telling tall tales, giving your advice @ Fishing and Camping 2001 Forum!

Start your Gear List for the new camping and fishing season with our starter list. Get the tips on, camp spots, fishing, and floating on rivers and lakes. Put in your 2 cents worth! 

When are the fish biting?

  • I Guarantee you will catch more fish with these tips!

  • Read this short summary

  • Check your local pressure

  • Use the fishing charts below to follow the feeding cycle

  • That's Too EASY!

If barometer reading is in the high pressure zone (29.8 and above) and rising, very good fishing can be expected. If reading is in LOW PRESSURE ZONE (below 29.8) fishing will be poor, but improving.

If reading is in HIGH PRESSUPE ZONE, good fishing can generally be expected. If reading is in LOW PRESSURE ZONE, fishing will be poor, but may improve if barometer remains steady for several days.

If reading is in HIGH PRESSURE ZONE and falling, fishing will become poor. If in LOW PRESSURE ZONE, very poor fishing is likely.

Ordinarily best fishing will occur when the barometer is in the zone (29.8 to 30.2) and is rising or steady. Check yours from this page at right!

Moon charts  display phases and feeding days each month. Use barometer information and your on your way. It really does work!

Enter a City or US Zip:

Check the Houston animated doppler and U.S. satellite static real time image, very nice imagery. I'll break this up into two pages this week. I feel the same as those of you that have wrote in, 'Who wants to see Houston?' :-)

Check water level, drainage areas, flow rates, and all the official stuff about lakes, rivers, and tributaries at the U.S. Geological Survey page
US geological survey 


Are you ready?

  • Air out the tent
  • Wash the sleeping bags 
  • Look at your list now
  • Start gathering your gear
  • Make the first trip out - Hassle Free!

Now that summer has begun you want to get the most of the time spent on the lake. Take one afternoon to go over your list of gear and checks. 

I like to have a word doc or personal web page linked out to checks of gear items. Kapasa? 

  1. Open word, text program, database or html editor
  2. List your gear under headings
  3. Use headings that make sense to you (such as camping, fishing, bikes, pets)
  4. Under headings list items to remember for a go day
  5. Items that need more explanation link to new page and list items

This is very useful for such items as boat which could have a printable check page. Check - oil, gas, plug, straps, trailer tire pressure, etc. 

Now you can carry this page out (or send your helper) to check off these items. Of course your list will have the correct values for each item needed. (type of oil, volume amts., etc.)

Texas freshwater rod and reel records

This year we're planning another  canoe float trip down the Neches River in S. E. Texas on spring break. Near Beaumont in SouthEast Texas. 

Only 1 hour from Houston Chain-O-Lakes is a premier cabin retreat complete with horse drawn carriage ride to breakfast restaurant. Very clean and secure tent or RV camping around many small lakes. 

Ever caught a mess of blue crabs and wondered how to prepare them? All About Blue Crabs is what you're looking for. Spend an afternoon with the kids and visit the coast!

Somerville lake is a corps of engineers lake in central Texas. Hard to find with search engines because of the spelling. Not Summerville, Somerville. Besides the Corps link I have found 2 more helpful sites. Set The Hook and Texas Parks and Wildlife page on Somerville.

Sam Rayburn Lake in the Piney Woods of east Texas has always been known as a big fish lake. TPW again does an ok job of presenting the lake here. 

Join the members to see what we catch this Thursday, April 19th at Rayburn! Details, GPS coordinates, pictures and an updated fishing report!


Rod Rack fishing pole holder Rod-Rack.com Take the tangle out of rod and reel storage.

Wall mount, 6 Fishing pole holder. 


camp stuff


Remember to wear Life Jackets when your out in the boat. I know, I know, I can swim just fine too, but if I find myself out of the boat, we've already had a problem. Too late to grab that jacket I was setting on. Accidents happen quick.

Just Surfing?

Beck's Genealogy & Family Tree page is under construction but has links to help you search the family tree. Beauchamp, Hall, Stimson on this page.


See why you don't want to drive in Houston. An electronic-surveillance display of Real Time traffic updated every few minutes.

Houston Transtar

EarthDay Network will help find events near you. Get out and celebrate Earth!

Traveling Europe and London, England.
Swift Kitty
Millennium trip

Visiting London?
UltimatePubGuide.com presents:

Hammersmith Pub Guide

 We have visited all of the pubs in the Hammersmith area and are making reviews available online. Get on the mailing list for weekly Free beer Pub Coupons!  

Ultimate Pub Guide

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