Model 93R
cal. 9 mm Parabellum

The Beretta pistol Model 93R is designed for single-shot fire or, at will, in controlled bursts of three rounds.
Selection of the desired mode is made by a thumb lever, and the three-round burst limit is automatically governed by a mechanism located under the right grip.

The fire selector (B) is located on the top left side of the weapon; by positioning the selector on the white dot (C), the pistol is made to fire in single shot. Reloading of the next round is automatic. When the selector is flicked to the three white dots (D), the pistol is ready to operate in controlled bursts of three rounds. Upon the trigger being pulled, the Model 93R will fire one burst of three rounds. To fire the next burst it is sufficient to release the trigger and to pull it again; individual three-round bursts may thus be fired until the magazine is empty: six, plus one burst of two shots.

The manual safety is co-axial with the selector but works completely independent from it. When the safety lever is turned up, a red dot can be clearly seen; the pistol is ready to fire. When the lever is lowered, it covers the red dot and the safety is engaged.
NOTE: There is no automatic firing pin safety.

For burst-firing the pistol should be held securely and the trigger must be pulled firmly and long, otherwise incomplete bursts of one or two shots may result. Successive bursts will in any case be of 3 rounds, until magazine is empty.

The pistol is equipped with a folding fore-grip for better control during burst fire. When the pistol is combat-ready, the grip should be lowered and held with the left hand, with the thumb inserted in the front part of the trigger guard. When not in use, the fore-grip can be folded along the frame to make re-holstering easier.

For accurate shooting at medium range, the pistol can be fitted with a special metal folding stock that can be attached to the grip. Two pins in the front part of the metal stock mate with two holes located at the bottom of the grip. After inserting the pins in these holes, the latch (E) must be pushed into its seat in the rear part of the grip. The folding stock will then be firmly fixed to the weapon.
To remove the folding stock, push back the slide (K). The latch will go back and the pins can be removed.
The slide (L) disengages the central hinge of the stock, which allows folding.

Technical features

 Caliber:  9 mm Parabellum
 Method of fire:  semi-automatic in single shot,
 or fully automatic in controlled bursts of three
 Locking system:  hinged locking block
 Overall length:  240 mm
 Barrel length:  with flash-hider and muzzle brake, 156 mm
 Length of sight line:  160 mm
 Metal stock length:  368 mm
 Metal stock (folded) length:  195 mm
 Height:  with 20 rds magazine, 170 mm
 Width:  37 mm
 Weight:  with 20 rds empty magazine, 1170 gr
 Folding metal stock weight:  270 gr
 Safety:  a) manual, blocking the sear
 b) inertial firing pin
 Selector:  a) semi-automatic fire
 b) controlled bursts of 3 rds
 Magazine:  staggered, 20 rds
 Rate of fire*:  about 1100 rds/min
 Sights:  front: blade
 rear: V notch
 Vo*:  375 m/sec
 Eo*:  55 kgm

* Rate of fire, muzzle energy and muzzle velocity depend on
the type of ammunition used and on atmospheric conditions.

NOTE: The first production featured the magazine release button located at the rear bottom of the left grip like on the mod. 92S (see picture #1 in the Picture Galley). In the following production, a protective cover has been added to the protruding part of the magazine. The latest samples feature a different design of the muzzle brake/compensator (see picture #5 in the Picture Gallery).
At present the Beretta 93R is out of production.

How to field strip Model 93R

Picture Gallery

A policeman in action with his Beretta 93R

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