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This Home Page was created and will be occasionally updated to provide information, images and links for our family members and friends who live in many areas of the United States and Canada. We hope that you will find something of interest here. Thank you for visiting. Please sign our guestbook.

Who We Are

George and Saralene

Our Son George

Our Daughter Debby and Her Family

Our Little Pets

Where We Live

City of Revelstoke

Our Interests & Hobbies

Photography - Camping - Hiking - Gardening - Birdwatching - Ornithology - Botany - Geology - Astronomy

Our Favorite Images - A Few Samples

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Photo Page - 1

Photo Page - 2

Photo Page - 3

Photo Page - 4

Photo Page - 5

Photo Page - 6

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The Front Porch - Cora Lee's Home Page

Bonnie's Home Page

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