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Here are some of the sheaths that I have create on a part time/hobby basis. Mostly for folders.
Click on the image to see a larger picture.

Info about the Vertical & Canted sheaths

Chris Reeve Knives shown below, click here for their page

Swiss Army Tool, Horizontal sheath, Burgundy

A Customized AFCK by Franck Recupero, Horizontal sheath, brown

Old Style Large Sebenza, Horizontal sheath, light brown

Old Large Sebenza, medium brown,
textured panels for contrast

Benchmade Mel Pardue, Horizontal sheath, burgundy

New Style Large Sebenza, and no it wasn't made for CRK, just a person that has the same initials.

Sweet William Henry Rainbow Series T12, Horizontal sheath, light brown

New Style Small Sebenza, Horizontal sheath, light brown

Gerber EZ Out, Horizontal sheath, burgundy

New Style Small Sebenza, Horizontal sheath, dark brown

Wood/Irie Swinglocker, Horizontal sheath, burgundy

New Style Small Sebenza, Vertical sheath, light brown

Custom Rekat Carnivore, made by Rob Simonich with Desert Ironwood scales and a Talonite (R) Blade!

Wood Inlay Small Sebenza, canted sheath

SpeedTech Sheath, with sort of a Lightening Bolt
Lefthand carry, though the fellow that has it uses it on his right hand side and draws it backwards and flips it open.

Sheath is made for a Benchmade Balisong # 42, this design works well for most butterflys.

Umfaan in a Canted style sheath, light brown

Vertical sheath for a Case two Bladed Trapper, left handed sheath, this was a special request, notice the Tiger Shark's Tooth on the front, sharp little bugger.

Umfaan in a Canted style sheath, dark brown, special one for the Canadian Umfaan.

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